Kenyan Village’s Water Harvester Help Villagers During Very Dry Seasons

Most countries might be overly concerned in drain cleaning and cleaning blocked drains because of heavy downpours. In Kenya however, the inhabitants are lacking enough supply of rainwater to keep their rivers wet and their crops watered.

In one of Kenya’s drought prone village, the inhabitants have come up with a method in order to harness supply of water during heavy rains. They have constructed a water harvesting plant. The residents of a community located in the Rift Valley of Kenya built a barrier at the nearby village river. This blockade will capture water during heavy rains and will store it so that they could have supply of water.

The blockade which is a concrete wall that extends across the river will allow water to gather behind it and the excess water will just spill above it and continue on its journey downstream. The residents installed pipes behind the weir to carry the water gathered behind the barrier to a storage tank.

Water problem

Finding water has been an issue in the village. One villager recounted that the women in the village set out to other places to find water. They spend a full day searching for locations that might have water. Sometimes they go home successfully carrying jars of water but most of the time they go home empty handed.

Supply of clean water for drinking and cooking is also a problem in this part of Kenya. The water sources that the women in the village find are not clean. These are water sources usually used as bathing places by wild animals.

With the rain water harvesting mechanism, the village can now be supplied with water which they can use for cooking and washing. Their livestock will not anymore die of thirst. Primary schools near the area also benefit from having a supply of clean water. Villagers find the weir to be very helpful in their day to day activities.

The water problem in communities like the Engilae is due to extreme swings in weather condition brought about by climate change. The project of water harvesting plant is really a great help for the dry landscapes in this part of the world.

S&L Painting And Decorating Inc., Is Preparing Itself For A Busy Year

The woman-owned S&L Painting and Decorating Inc. is preparing for another busy and fruitful year. The painting and decorating company has a busy lineup of projects this 2015 and most of them are high profile development jobs.

Lida Hayes Calvert has never had a painting experience in her early life but in 1986, her passion for starting a business led her to establish her very own painting and decorating company. Over the years, her business has tremendously grown. What is amazing is that she only started S&L Painting and Decorating Inc. with a $200 investment.

Fast forward to 2015 and the company that she owns is now known to employ 75 painters, decorators and various other active workers including her husband and son. 2015 will be a very busy for her and her Winston-Salem based company. Among their project lineups includes a lot of major Triad projects like the VA Health Care Center and the Kernersville facility that is expected to serve 30,000 veterans yearly and is said to be at $150 million.

According to Hayes Calvert, who is also the president of the company, after bidding against many out of state contractors, S&L Painting and Decorating Inc., is excited to work on the new VA Health Center. They will be conducting a massive painting and finishing job on the 375,000 sq ft VA Health Center this early 2015. Although she did not give the exact price tag for the job but she did say that the amount was in six figures.

Hayes Calvert also said that their revenue is expected to increase thanks to several huge jobs coming this year as well as other potential jobs that they might be doing.

Among the certain projects that the Winston-Salem based company will be involved in is the conversion of the R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Co. building into a boutique hotel with PMC Property Group and Kimpton Hotels and Restaurants spearheading the $60 million redevelopment.

Potential jobs include the $19 million expansion of Piedmont Triad International Airport by Honda Aircraft Co. This will be an addition to the other work that S&L has done for Honda.

Sustainable Baskets Being Weaved By Lurigancho Inmates

Peru — Lurigancho Prison has an incredible way of making their prison inmates jail time productive. In this huge facility that houses about 10,000 prisoners, one of the programs to keep the inmates busy is a basket weaving workshop.

Baskets are a useful receptacle for all kinds of materials. But the baskets that these men are making are not just your regular baskets, they are sustainable baskets, thus they are environment friendly and can be used a maximum number of times.

There are about 25 men who are participating in this workshop and all of them weave organic cane fiber in different colors. These baskets would be distributed and used to help the environment improve and promote eco-friendly practices.

Edwin Velasquez heads the workshop at the National Penitentiary Institute of Peru and he said that the baskets that the prisoners are making are very high in demand outside the prison. In fact, a local school has even ordered 150 of these ecological baskets that will be used as a container for the lunches of the students.

Jorge Yntusca Villa, an inmate and participant of the workshop, said that they believe that the baskets they make can replace the plastic bags that are commonly used by most people.

Plastic bags are very dangerous to the environment as it takes millions of years for them to decompose. Unfortunately, although plastic bags pose a lot of threat, they are still being distributed by commercial traders. That is why through these sustainable and eco-friendly baskets, the inmates that are participating in the said workshop are hoping that there will be less distribution of plastic bags so that there will be less pollution and less damage to the environment.

Though this project is paved with good intentions, it may still not be enough to make up for all the crimes that these men had committed. Fortunately for them, it is a great way to start changing for the good.

The weaving of sustainable and ecological baskets is only one of 18 projects that the National Penitentiary Institute of Peru is conducting for the inmates who are serving their time inside.

Wizard Entertainment All Set For A Fun-Filled Wizard World Comic Convention

Madison, Wisconsin – Wizard World Comic Con is set to arrive at Madison’s Alliance Energy Center for a three day “entertainment” convention beginning this Friday, February 6, 2015. Wizard Entertainment has launched a number of conventions over the years and this 2015; fans should expect a better and more fun-filled Wizard World Comic Con.

The convention will not only be celebrating comics and science fiction but TV shows and films as well. TMC’s The Walking Dead series is expected to make a big presence at the Wizard World Comic Con. In fact, Emily Kinney, who played the much-loved Beth Greene in the show, will be attending the convention.

There will also be a long list of celebrities who will be attending the convention. Fans would get to meet Capt. James T. Kirk himself as William Shatner pays a visit to the Wizard World Comic Con. Bruce Campbell who is known for his role in the Evil Dead and Army of Darkness films will also be attending the event. Other notable attendees are Ian Somerhalder of The Vampire Diaries, Eliza Dushku, Billy Dee and Adrian Paul as well as other celebrities.

John Macaluso, the CEO of Wizard World Inc., said that the Wizard World Comic Con is no longer a comic convention but more of an entertainment convention and a pop culture event.

The event has grown over the past years. In 2012, Wizard World was able to host six conventions. 2013 saw sixteen conventions while 2014 brought forth twenty four conventions including this one.

In the midst of diversity, the common denominator will always be the fans. The fans are the main reason why there is an event such as these. Wizard Entertainment aims to unite the fans of different comics, films and TV series with one pop culture event.

Even outside Wizard Entertainment, there have been a rise in the number of conventions being held around the world every year and during these times, the market for costumes are at an all time high. Various fans would be looking for TV and movie costumes at local costume stores as well as online retail stores like TV Store Online who are ready to provide them with what they need.

A Savings For Firms In London

The Labor Council in Brent, London announced that it will give discounts to businesses if they remunerate their employees with the living wage.

This compliance would mean employers paying their employees with an hourly rate of 9.15 pounds instead of the usual national minimum wage amounting to only 6.5 pounds. The businessmen in Brent, London will save as much as 5,000 pounds if they abide with this new council decree.

With this development, only 30 percent of the cost will be funded by Brent while the remaining 20 percent will be shouldered by Greater London. This is in effect to the changes in coalition which gave the rise for councils to experience greater flexibility over their business rates. According to the plan, the central government will pay half of the cost.

If your company employs at least 500 personnel, you would at least rake in a savings amounting to more than 5,000 pounds. Those small businesses on the other hand with ten people or less are expected to benefit at least 250 pounds.

The impact of the Council’s decision

Approximately 30 percent of the population in Brent earns less than the living wage. Among the firms that pays the living wage rate is the Labor Council. The body strongly believes that if the people living in the area are paid based on the living wage, this would improve the people’s way of life. On the business side, it will also induce enthusiasm and efficiency of the workers. It will have a positive impact on both the firms and the employees.

The move to adopt Brent’s idea

Other Labor councils in London expressed their support for the idea and the possibility of adopting the strategic method. Greenwich said that there is a good chance that change will be adapted in their city. The success of Brent’s firms, people and economy as a whole will be a good example for other Labor councils to try on the new idea. With this idea, ordinary people will be given the privilege to be compensated more and the business firms will also take its fair share of discount from the government.

Death Toll At Least 30 In Mauriupo, Ukraine

There were at least 30 people killed in the ongoing battle between pro-Russian separatists and the government of Ukraine. Among those reported dead were two children. The southeastern city of Ukraine is among the many areas in the war stricken country that experienced heavy shelling activities.

There were at least 100 people reported to be injured during the violent attacks. Many of the wounded suffered shrapnel injuries. Seventy five people needed to be rushed to the hospital for the serious injury.

Who is to blame for the attack?

According to the regional police of Donetsk, it was the group of the pro-Russian separatists that are behind the attacks. Only one person was arrested in response to the serious attack.

The police reported that the situation was already under control and urged the residents in the area to stay calm and to listen only to reliable sources of information.

Warnings against Russia

The global community condemns this heinous act of Russia. The United States Secretary John Kerry warned Russia of sanctions from the international committee if it does not stop bullying Ukraine. The Secretary is calling out for Russia to stop its support these separatists, end its supply of weaponries to fighters and to close the border between Russia and Ukraine.

The president of Ukraine expressed his grave sentiments over Russia’s continued support to the violent groups. With Russia’s acts in the past days, they have clearly breached the commitments and agreements that they had during last year’s meeting at Minsk.

The events that led to the tension between Russia and Ukraine

The war between Russia and Ukraine is a crisis on who is the rightful owner of the Crimean peninsula. Russia claimed it to be part of its territory although only five members of the United Nations, including Russia, affirm to Russia’s claims. Ukraine and Russia have been in a continuous struggle since. With Russia being the greater nations between the two, world political leaders see this as a David and Goliath showdown, only this time, the smaller country was sure to lose.

International sanctions were already made on Russia which left deep scars on its economy. Despite the sanctions, Russia still continues to proclaim itself the rightful owner of the peninsula and had opted for violent attacks.

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