Death Toll At Least 30 In Mauriupo, Ukraine

There were at least 30 people killed in the ongoing battle between pro-Russian separatists and the government of Ukraine. Among those reported dead were two children. The southeastern city of Ukraine is among the many areas in the war stricken country that experienced heavy shelling activities.

There were at least 100 people reported to be injured during the violent attacks. Many of the wounded suffered shrapnel injuries. Seventy five people needed to be rushed to the hospital for the serious injury.

Who is to blame for the attack?

According to the regional police of Donetsk, it was the group of the pro-Russian separatists that are behind the attacks. Only one person was arrested in response to the serious attack.

The police reported that the situation was already under control and urged the residents in the area to stay calm and to listen only to reliable sources of information.

Warnings against Russia

The global community condemns this heinous act of Russia. The United States Secretary John Kerry warned Russia of sanctions from the international committee if it does not stop bullying Ukraine. The Secretary is calling out for Russia to stop its support these separatists, end its supply of weaponries to fighters and to close the border between Russia and Ukraine.

The president of Ukraine expressed his grave sentiments over Russia’s continued support to the violent groups. With Russia’s acts in the past days, they have clearly breached the commitments and agreements that they had during last year’s meeting at Minsk.

The events that led to the tension between Russia and Ukraine

The war between Russia and Ukraine is a crisis on who is the rightful owner of the Crimean peninsula. Russia claimed it to be part of its territory although only five members of the United Nations, including Russia, affirm to Russia’s claims. Ukraine and Russia have been in a continuous struggle since. With Russia being the greater nations between the two, world political leaders see this as a David and Goliath showdown, only this time, the smaller country was sure to lose.

International sanctions were already made on Russia which left deep scars on its economy. Despite the sanctions, Russia still continues to proclaim itself the rightful owner of the peninsula and had opted for violent attacks.

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What To Consider When Buying A Bed

Before you head to the nearest retail bed store, you should decide first if you really need a new bed. Are you experiencing from sleeplessness? Or are you constantly waking up in the morning with muscular pains and headaches? If you are experiencing these stresses, do not automatically blame the bed for it. Environmental as well as your lifestyle are common influences to sleeplessness. Some of the other known disturbers in a restless sleep are noise, excessive heat and stress and late-night drinking. However, if you evaluate yourself and answer several yeses to the questions below then it might be the right time for you to get a new bed.

  • When sleeping in your bed, do you feel the ridges and springs underneath the surface of the mattress?
  • When you move in bed, do you hear crunches and creaks?
  • Do you usually roll unintentionally when in bed?
  • Do you find it embarrassing when people see your bed without covers?
  • Is your bed more than a decade old?
  • Is your bed a hand-me-down?

If you are still not convinced to buy a new bed or you are very much reluctant in giving up your old bed despite all of its foibles, then you should consider how unhygienic it is to have it after sticking with it for more than a decade. Your mattress will soak up everything that is on it every night and even can soak up a kilogram of dead skin each year.


When buying a new and lasting bed, money should not be an issue for you. Always get the top quality bed which you can afford. In the United Kingdom, the average spending for the double divan type of bed is about 447 pounds. This price is far too low. A quality bed with the right spring and furnishing can cost you up to 1,000 pounds but the prices can scale up to as much as 10,000 pounds. If you are not in particular sure on how to choose the bed for you, you can always ask the shop keepers in bed stores Perth or ask the opinion of a friend.

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Wallpaper Is Making A Comeback

Many homeowners are afraid of wallpaper because it reminds them of the flowery stuff from grandma’s days. Another fear is the tendency for wallpapers to make rooms look smaller. Wallpaper is also difficult to hung and remove unless you hire the services of professionals. However, wallpapers are making a comeback and it is breaking free from its traditional locations.

Homeowners are now prepared to put wallpaper in different places throughout the home particularly in living rooms and dens and on the ceiling. The healthy diversity of wallpaper colors, textures and patterns on the market are creating a spatial effect that homeowner’s desire.

The biggest technological innovation that changed the traditional wallpaper is digital printing that allows practically any intricate image or complex pattern and design to be turned out easily and efficiently. Digital printing has allowed wallpaper designers to go into directions that were never possible even with the hand-printed designs. Today, wallpaper manufacturers can produce intricately patterned wallpaper with abstract, floral and butterfly designs.

The ancient craft of hand-blocking which is considered as one of the artistic ways of adding print to textiles is now being used to create an image or pattern or wallpaper. Before printing presses were automated, hand-blocking technique was used to print images and it has not changed much with the passing of time. In hand-blocking, images and patterns were imprinted using paint on the hand-carved blocks and its rough imperfections create a rustic effect. The end result is a unique design that can make a difference in how your walls look.

Another technological breakthrough that made wallpapers popular again is the quality of removable wallpaper. They are more like contact paper that is easier for painters and decorators Southampton to hung and replace. Painting that used to be the most common method of refreshing a room requires special techniques and a large investment. Wallpaper has become a great bang-for-the-buck alternative that achieves a more dramatic change of look.

However, if you are thinking of something that is more daring than the traditional, make sure to hire the services of painters and decorators Southampton to guarantee great results without spending a lot.

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Boost Your Image Through Airport Transfers

If you are interested to know more about airport transfers, corporate transfers and leisure transfers, make time for Link Airport. For corporate travelers, time is gold which means that valuable time should not be wasted waiting for a taxi. With airport transfer, a chauffeur-driven car waits at the airport terminal to whisk you off to your destination. You enjoy a personalized transport service that ensures you arrive safe and on time for your appointment.

There are a number of occasions where you will be ashamed to arrive in your car that has seen better days. For example, if you are going out on a date with a woman of your dreams, you will create a better impression by hiring quality transport. The ability to create a good impression is also critical for businessmen and corporate executives. If you are representing a company will you arrive for an appointment or business meeting in a badly dilapidated car?

Many companies are renting out cars for single day requirements to allow individuals to drive to an important negotiation in an appropriate vehicle. There is also the option of a chauffeur-driven car so that you can continue to work on your computer while on your way to the destination.

London companies are one of the most image-conscious with more than two thirds of the companies saying that they have arrived cars on that complement a business meeting. Men are actually more image-conscious than women with younger men more particular about their vehicle than their older counterparts. With an average spend of about £100; there are high end cars at your disposable. You can have a choice from the wide range of BMW’s, Audi’s and Mercedes Benz’.

More recently companies can pre-book airport transfers for their company guests from London’s Heathrow Airport as well as other locations in the UK. Nissan Leaf has become a popular option in the car hire market because it avoids congestion and emission charges that are associated to hiring cars that run on petroleum. Nissan Leaf is an electric car that glides silently from the airport to your destination. It has about 100 miles of charge until you need to tap it again.

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The Red Flag Limousine At The Tiananmen Square Military Parade

Very few people all over the world can afford to buy a limousine but they can have the chance to ride in one through Limousine Royalty. Even big businesses choose to rent chauffeured luxury sedans for special events and for transporting business partners from the airport to the hotel. Some of the most expensive and luxurious limousines are owned by governments to transport heads of states and politicians. These limousines include high end features like bullet-proof and bomb-proof bodies and windows to protect the occupants for terrorist threats.

Recently, China held a military parade to celebrate their victory in the Second World War. The parade was participated in by 12,000 officers and troops of the People’s Liberation Army. Members of the media observed the parade that marched along Chang’an Avenue by Tiananmen Square. Displayed at the parade were 500 items of weaponry and about 200 aircraft.

One of the highlights of the event from the observations of New York Times includes President Xi Jinping of China greeting the crowd from his Red Flag limousine.  The Red Flag limousine that the China president used to inspect the troops at the Tiananmen Square parade is a symbol of China’s national pride. For decades, the Red Flag limousine has been the car of choice of the Chinese leadership and it has always been used for celebrating national events that include parades and state visits.

China takes pride in the Red Flag because it is made in China and was named after the Communist banner. Red Flag limousines were first seen at a parade in 1959 and is has remained as the symbol of industrialization in the People’s Republic of China.

However, the production of Red Flags stagnated after China introduced some economic reforms. The brand was unable to compete with foreign limousine manufacturers; however, it remained to be used for parades and special events by President Jinping and his predecessors.

In an effort to revive the local car industry, Red Flag was brought back to the commercial market last 2012. The brand is now owned by China FAW Group that produces luxury cars that are worth 6.5 million Yuan (approximately $1 million) for the wealthy Chinese.

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New Code Requirements For Self Storage To Reduce Overall Operating Costs

Climate controlled-units are among the most popular in Good Storage Manchester because the temperature is regulated which prevents damages due to extreme temperature changes and humidity. Climate controlled-units are among the amenities offered by self-storage facilities along with security measures that are very attractive to potential customers.

Changes in the 2012 International Building Code (IBC) and 2012 International Energy Conservation Code have resulted into additional expenses towards the development of new self-storage projects. The two biggest modifications include the need for sprinkler systems in new buildings of a certain size and insulation requirements for the climate-controlled units.

A significant issue revolves around storage of mattresses and upholstered furniture that can be a moderate hazard. In the 2009 IBC, self-storage facilities were not required to include sprinkler systems as long as they meet code requirements and the building’s fire areas were smaller than 12,000 square feet. On large buildings, developers will usually divide it into smaller sections with three-hour firewalls. On the 2012 IBC code, each building that has more than 2,500 square feet must have an automatic sprinkler system.

In the development of self-storage facilities, there are essentially 3 choices:

• Keep the building under 2,500 square feet which may not be feasible for many projects

• Divide the areas into less than 2,500 square feet using three-hour firewalls

• Install an automatic sprinkler system as required

Sprinkler systems require maintenance and inspection which will add to the long term operating costs however, they can help reduce insurance premiums. What developers will likely do is to meet the requirement with firewalls. The added costs of building a 30 or 40-wide self-storage building with firewalls is not an issue but it can become a real problem when there are plans of maximizing the site. Adding the sprinkler systems becomes the better option.

Insulation on the new code is specific to cooled and heated buildings. Structures with temperature control must conform to insulation standards similar to residential homes. One of the requirements for most regions is continuous insulation which means it can’t be stopped and started but must continue through walls and ceilings.

The requirements will cost more during new project development but they actually reduce the overall expense of heating and cooling a building.

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The Figures To Support Business Decisions

In order to better position your business in the future, you need to know how the industry is currently doing. In the world of beauty products and services, it is quite evident that the number of hair salons and other beauty parlors constructed is growing.

A recent report regarding how the hair salons and beauty market is doing. Here is a summary of the report:

– In the next five years, the growth in revenue is expected to improve tremendously and is expected to rise at an annual average of about 3.2 percent to at least $58 billion by the year 2019. The growth is driven by the increase in the per capita of household disposable income and the foreseen decline in the unemployment rate in the next five years. Higher disposable income will also mean that there will be more customers who will be spending more on high end services like pedicure, manicures, hair extension treatments, facials and body massages.

– The industry profit is also expected to register gains which will in turn encourage more businesses to make their debut in the industry. Accordingly, profits have increased from 1.9 percent in 2009 to 5.7 percent last year. The continuous increase in profit can be attributed to the increased sales mainly because of the high-value products which have bigger profit margins compared to the usual products and services. There is also an improvement in the market conditions which also drives the increase of the number of operators in the industry at an annual average of about 5.5 percent. By 2019, it is predicted that there will be at least 1.3 million operators in the industry.

– The steady increase in the number of operators in the industry will also create a positive impact to the economy in that it will improve employment growth. The improving job opportunities in the market will contribute to higher enrollment rates across different cosmetology schools. This trend that has continued for the past few years, combined with the improvement in the number of players in the industry, has driven the employment in beauty salons in a significantly upward scale with an average rate of about 3.8 percent.

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University Home Renovation Costs $950,000, Angers Employees

A number of employees from the University of Akron were angered upon knowing that their president Scott Scarborough had spent $950,000 dollars on home renovation, which also includes all bathroom renovations similar to all points bathrooms services.

Though everyone was in unison in thinking that the president’s home, which is owned by the university, was in dire need of renovations since 1999, what angered employees was the cost and the scope of the renovations.

What was questionable was the $435,000 spent for university employees to work on the home and the thousands of dollars used to purchase appliances and equipments.

John Zipp, professor of sociology in the university, said that it was not contended that the home needed a make over but what they were questioning was how much was needed to be spent for the renovation.

It was Taylor Construction and Stathos Construction that handled renovations, which included electrical, heating, and plumbing for a total of $375,000. Alan Garren Interiors handled furnishings for a price of $141,142.

Rumors had been circulating about the cost of the whole renovation. They escalated when the university announced that 161 employees were to be terminated to make up for a budget deficit amounting to $60 million.

While people see that terminating employees would save more money for the university compared to cutting back costs for the home renovation, Zipp says that he and other employees cannot help but wonder if the money used for renovation had went to other pockets since they did not have a full accounting of the renovation.

The university answered criticisms by saying that private companies and benefactors donated the funds needed for the renovation and that it was a 20-year investment that needed to be kept in standard according to Lawrence Burns, vice president for advancement of the university.

Burns said that part of the money spent, an amount of $167,000, was actually used for university employees who would be tasked to regularly maintain the property and that it was always a part of the internal budget of the university.

The other sources of the budget came from resourcing the budget of other university offices like the Physical Facilities office according to Burns.

Scott Scarborough, the president is required by contract to live in the university home. He has been living in the home with this family and parents for over a year. This renovation marks the first one since 1999 when the university bought it for then president Luis Proenza for an amount of $850,000.

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Shopping Bags Affecting The Food Choices Of Shoppers

Custom shopping bags have been part of the latest trend having advantages for both consumers and sellers. Apart from printing artsy images for the purpose of promotion, the materials from which they are made have always been a popular topic in the scope of the talk on shopping bags, specifically on its impact on the environment.

Shopping bags suggesting what to get from the shelf
Recently, Harvard has shared a quite interesting study on shopping bags which has a slightly different focus: how it affects the choices of a consumer when shopping. According to the study author Uma Karmarkar, while there is truth to canvas bags users leaning towards the decision of consuming environment-friendly organic goods, as such decision is apparently consistent to their support of mother earth by the use of such bags; the same users also tend to feel more virtuous for engaging in such action resulting to some kind of sugary treat as a form of rewarding. Supporting this is a study that reported consumers bringing their very own reusable bags to be 33% more likely to out into their shopping carts unhealthy snacks.

This is the very first study that centers on how the kind of grocery bag affects consumers when it comes to their purchase choices. It was conducted by collecting loyalty cardholder data for exactly 142,938 shopping trips between May 2005 to March 2007 at a major grocery chain situated in California. After which, the authors compared the trips of shoppers when they had their own reusable bags with those trips for which they did not have any. Additionally, as part of the study, there were also participants recruited from a national pool online that were assigned at random either to bring or not to bring their own bags while at a grocery store.

Implication of the study
Bryan Bollinger of Duke University, a co-author of the research study explained that indeed, bringing your own shopping bag could affect your way of shopping. According to him, the study can be beneficial to those who manage their own grocery stores in areas where reusable bags are the more preferred option by including different kinds of organic foods in the shelves as the study has shown that both organic and fatty foods are part of the shopping list of the righteous reusable shopping bag users.

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Fire Marshal Says That Florence Storage Facility Damaged By Fire Is Insured

Storage facilities, no matter if it’s for student storage, self-storage or for business storage Leeds, are important because they provide storage space for a wide number of people who are being plagued by the lack of space in their households or business establishments.

People, as the years go by, accumulate a large number of items. All people want to do is to collect and collect and once they have what they want, they’ll move on to another. When their household cannot accommodate every item they have, they would automatically decide to let go of some of their belongings. Some would have the items they don’t need permanently disposed of, while there are also some items that are too valuable and important to just let go. In the latter’s case, what people would most likely do is to rent out storage spaces for these items so that when the time comes and they are once again needed, they could immediately be taken back into the house.

People who rent storage units entrust the storage facility to take good care of their valuables. They are assured that no harm would ever befall their precious belongings but what they should also know is that there are circumstances wherein damage cannot be prevented.

Fire is definitely one of the most destructive forces in the world and for the storage industry, fire is never good.

Just like in the case of Pacific Pines RV Park and Storage Business, that was recently plagued by an unfortunate fire situation causing damage to numerous items stored in the units.

Although the cause of the fire is yet to be determined, though they believe that it was caused by a 2014 Chevrolet Box van in Unit 11, the fire marshals have informed the public that the fire-damaged storage facility is fortunately insured.
Insurance is always an important aspect especially when you are placing important items in the care of others. When damage is inevitable, you would want to be compensated for the damages done to your properties.

According to Siuslaw Valley Fire and Rescue Marshall, Sean Barrett, the total damage loss is estimated to be at $5 million.

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Limousines Will Be Treated The Same As Uber In Florida

There is bad news for limousines companies, like Bellagio Limousines in Perth, as a new proposal in Florida would have them treated like Uber drivers. Palm Beach County now requires all vehicles for hire companies, except Uber, to undergo fingerprint checks.

An agreement was arrived in the past wherein Uber was allowed to stay in Palm Beach County without the same extensive checks required of taxis and other vehicles for hire. However, that agreement ends in September, which now begs the county to contemplate the future of Uber in Palm Beach.

However, the new proposal suggests that Uber and all transportation companies will do their own background checks. This, however, excludes taxi companies. This will now divide the industry into two groups—the cabs and the non-cabs. The non-cabs will still have standards but the difference is that they will be the ones who will regulate themselves.

Rick Versace of the Florida Limousine Association was stunned, as he couldn’t believe that the county would rollback the requirements they’ve been doing for a very long time. He believes there should only be one standard for any company that drives people around whether you’re a taxi driver, an Uber driver, or a limousine driver. Versace also believes that the fingerprint background check is important in every transportation company to avoid possible convicts and dangerous men from driving around in their vehicles.

If the current proposal is accepted by the Palm Beach County Commission, people who use Uber to contact limos should be wary of themselves since no background checks will be done on the limo drivers. To this point, Versace does not see any sense as to why the county seems to be favoring Uber when other cities like Houston require fingerprint background checks of Uber drivers.

Palm Beach County Administrator, Robert Weisman said that it’s not clear what is happening in those other areas. Uber has even threatened to leave Broward County, which has been harsh on the $50 billion company.

Weisman also says that, even now, they have been having a hard time to make Uber comply with the new terms. They have been asking for information about Uber’s drivers. Yet, the company has not complied with any of the county’s requests.

Versace said if the county moves forward with its plan, he would still do fingerprint background checks as it seems to be what is essential for the safety of his customers.

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Monohull Comanche Set New Record In The Trans-Atlantic Race

Different people may enroll to RYA Sailing Courses for different purposes. While some consider the activity as a hobby, an activity to which the entire family may participate as they take a break from their busy lives, others see sailing as a sport, training hard as they look forward to winning in annual sailing competitions.

A new world record for the greatest distance covered in 24 hours was set by a monohull named Comanche last July 11. The World Sailing Speed Record Council or WSSRC, the body that is responsible in confirming speed records of boats that have sailed is said to do the ratification of the record, as skipper Ken Read believes that a distance of 620 nautical miles was achieved. Before this, the record was set seven years ago in the Volvo Ocean Race by monohull Ericsson 4, skippered by Torben Grael, travelling a distance of 596.6 nautical miles, heading to finish in Cape Town.

According to Read, the captain of Comanche, it was the best decision they have ever made to sail the boat on July 10-11 in the manual power configuration – which the WSSRC requires. Approximately 1300 miles out of Newport, Rhode Island in the North Atlantic, skipper Ken Read along with navigator Stan Honey set up underneath an approaching low pressure with the conditions of a remarkable strong wind and satisfactorily flat sea. Apart from the ideal conditions they have observed as they were sailing, he added that the monohull Comanche was built in such a way that only human power can sail at its best and for this reason, he had always believed that the boat qualified for breaking records as high as that set a few years ago by the Ericsson 4.

On the other side of the news, Stan Honey, known as one of the best sail racing navigator, was knocked unconscious aboard the Comanche. He was said to navigate from Los Angeles to Hawaii the record breaking Wild Oats XI, a supermaxi yacht. According to Wild Oats XI’s skipper Mark Richards, who was not too surprised with the turnout of events as he witnessed the strength of the sailing conditions, Honey fell and was knocked out aboard the Comanche. According to reports, the seriousness of Honey’s injuries is currently unknown but his present state has led to advising the Wild Oats XI crew to get a substitute navigator.

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Tips From The Experts: Updating The Furniture Of Your Office

If you are thinking of updating your office furniture in Australia, then you are definitely thinking right. An office is probably one of the most professional things you can ever find. Unfortunately, professionalism and fun are not exactly two words that can be acquainted, especially with offices.

Sitting all day inside an office can already be very exhausting and repetitive but fortunately, there are a few ways that you can try to help make that office experience much better. One of these ways is to update your office furniture. Furniture is important in every office not just because of the technical and literal aspect, but also because it can provide a good working environment not just for one person but for most of the workers. A good working environment can definitely make a person more productive.

However, if the office is not completely yours to change and if you work with a number of people, they certainly won’t mind when you add a few things inside.
Bookshelves, for example, can be useful decorative furniture. When you already have a bookshelf in the office, you can add a little flare to it just by placing vases and a few decorative items inside. You can also bring in dressers that you can use to store many things or you can just use it as a top for meaningful photos.

Ottomans are another great addition. Sometimes you just need some good time for your feet and an ottoman can surely help with that. If you can’t use the ottoman for your own pleasures, then it can instead be used as a simple decorative material in the room.

If you love chairs or something to place your butts into, then why not bring recliners? No? If you are not allowed to bring anything inside the office, then maybe you can do a repainting job? There are always a few spaces and items that need a good repainting. You can start doing it with a dull wall or if that’s not possible, then you can make do with the boring tables and other furniture.

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North Of Ireland Amateur Golf Championship Recently Launched

Thanks to laser eye correction in Belfast, many of elite sportspeople and athletes are now able to join in the recently launched the 2015 North of Ireland Amateur Open Championship by the Cathedral Eye Clinic. This was made possible after the partnership of Golfing Union of Ireland branch in Ulster and Michael Hoey, professional golfer from Northern Ireland.

The event which is held every July at Royal Portrush Golf Club which is located at Dunluce and Valley Links has been a successful event every time since the year it was launched. It all started in 1937 and it was referred to as Ulster Scratch Singles back then but still celebrated at the Royal Portrush Golf Club.

The former winner of the 2000 North of Ireland Amateur Open Championship was Michael Hoey and he is now appealing to all amateur golfers all over North Ireland to join the said tournament. Hoey explained how North of Ireland was a big deal since he was young. He used to play there because of the caravan at Castlerock.

Hoey even admitted that his winning at the 2000 Championship was one of the things that paved the way to his successful career thus he is encouraging all amateur players to take part in the Championship. He considers the tournament held at the Royal Portrush as a career booster for any amateur who wants to excel in golf.

Cathedral Eye Clinic will be sponsoring the North of Ireland Amateur Open Championship for the third time. This is only fitting since many elite sportspeople and athletes are able to get amazing vision thanks to the help of Cathedral Eye Clinic. They are offering eye care treatments as well as the most advanced technology when it comes to laser eye surgery. This is beneficial especially to those golfers who are in need of eye treatment and must get back on the game as early as a few days after the surgery.

Golfing Union of Ireland’s general secretary, Kevin Stevens, testifies his experience with Cathedral Eye Clinic which turns out to be a big success since it has helped him let go of his glasses which can be a hassle every time it steams up or the weather is rainy. The treatment made him wish he had done it sooner than later.

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A List Luxurious Escapade

Are you looking for pet friendly luxury self catering Scotland cottages? You can contact Great Rental Companies. They are amongst the top provider of quality cottages for your family when vacationing in Scotland. The establishment caters to pet animals inside the premises so you need not worry about them while you are on a trip.

The luxurious industry offering the ideal temporary place of abode for vacationers, honeymooners and backpackers has been doing well in the past years. There are now plenty of emerging competitors in the business of pampering clients through a breathtaking and unforgettable one of a kind experience. If you are planning to bring your family to a vacation celebration, here are some suggested places for you.

1. Along the North Norfolk coast lays a delightful retreat for anyone who want to unwind. The Barsham Barns has amenities such as the steam room Jacuzzi, game rooms and spa room. You can relax and have a great time sipping your favorite drink while being pampered. Ten people or two families can enter Grey’s court for only 100 pounds each. There are also available adventure and fun-filled activities for families which include miniature trains out of steam.

2. You can also opt to stay at the Colehouse farm which is situated near Christie’s house. If you book in advance in groups of 10, you will save greatly. The Farm is strategically located within 56 acres of land stretch. It has fabulous and awesome views.

3. The Kernock Cottages which are set in a 25 acre of woodland will surely give you a dip of a lifetime in their private hot tubs. Situated in the Lynher valley in between Bodmin Moor and Dartmoor, the set of cottages will give you an experience of a lifetime and you can choose from their award winning cottages where you will be staying. If you are at least 8 in your group and opt to stay at the Orchard Cottage, it will cost you only 1,160 dollars.

The above mentioned places to stay are among the myriad of luxurious cottages that you could choose from. You can browse the internet or ask an adventurous friend the best places to stay.

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Improving Business Profits During The Holiday Season

As one engaged in a business endeavor, it is important that you are able to prepare for what will happen ahead. The holiday season is fast approaching and it is but appropriate to prepare for it now. Those engaged in selling ugly Christmas sweaters should already start to stock sweaters in order to meet the demand when the holiday season comes.

The busy holiday season can be a very stressful time especially for online retailers who are flooded with request in getting different goods to their customers as quick as possible. It is for this reason that it is critical for electronic commerce businesses to stock their operations and ensure that they are prepared when the busy days come.

Here are some tips to help improve online businesses during holiday peaks:

– Assess your website. You still have several months before the peak season hits. Now is the best time to take another look at your website and see how it compares with your competitors. Does it have a professional layout? Is it also built for mobile shopping? Are the photos for every product enticing?

– Evaluate the shopping carts that your website is using. Excellent shopping cart techniques include a display of order status as well as item reviews, images, ratings and discounts.

– Gauge the options for payment in your website. Those e-commerce businesses that only use the services of PayPal or accept only one mode of payment thru a distinct credit card might want to venture into securing another account where the purchasers can readily pay using various options.

– Update the site’s security measures. There have been numerous instances of breaches and hacking in the online world. You need to take the necessary precaution in order to keep the information of your customer secure and safe.

– Prepare for increase in website traffic. When the holiday season kicks in, your website should be ready for an inflow of traffic. In order to meet every demand of the customer, your online business should be equipped with the necessary resources to meet the ever increasing purchases. Likewise, when the shopping rush is about to end, you need to know how to scale back down.

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Ribbon Business Provides Stress Relief For Finance Specialist

Stress is a killer. That is a fact. People can get stressed for all kinds of reasons. But the most common cause of people’s stress is probably the careers that they have. People engage in all sorts of activities to help them relieve stress. Some do yoga, while some engage in sports. A common stress reliever is music.

People love to listen to music. By tuning into their headphones, they would automatically shut the world off and all the problems and stresses that come along with it. But for one woman, the key to her stress relief isn’t a catchy Katy Perry song or a possessing Lady Gaga track, it’s a second job.

Now how could a person relieve stress that they had gotten from their primary jobs by getting another job?

Marjorie Joy Zapanta works as a Senior Budget Specialist for Globe Telecom. Aside from that, she had also started a bowtie business back in 2012 because of her obsession for arts and crafts.

Being a finance specialist is no easy job. You would not only need to assess a client’s needs, you would also have to help them determine their long-term and short-term goals. Aside from that, they are also tasked with selling insurance and investment services. Talk about hard work.

With all the work cut out for her, it is certain that Marjorie Joy is sure to get stressed out. Fortunately for her, her love for crafty things proved out to be her salvation.

She first started working with the materials in 2012 but when she consigned in Bazaars in November of that same year, she got feedback that her materials were too heavy. Since then she started using ribbons.

She would often look for good suppliers via internet and use the materials she had gotten and turn them into masterpieces. She would often make hair bow accessories and sell them. Once she had even earned a whopping 40,000 pesos from a single exercise.

She says she had also experienced some difficulties with her business and could have quit since she already has a job at Globe Telecom but the sense of fulfillment and happiness she gets from the her business tells her otherwise.
According to her, every time she gets stressed out with work, making bow accessories is her outlet.

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Designing Homes Effectively So As Not To Appear Messy

Buying homes is one thing and getting the right home designs is another thing. The real estate industry has been surging high for the past years. And for the upcoming years, field experts suggest that the demand on the industry will continue to surge up. Along with this boom comes also the exciting journey of interior designers.

When you are doing your home designs, it is important to keep in mind the basic things that would make your house presentable and comfortable. You need also to constantly update your checklist of the things that you need to avoid in order to get away from having a catastrophic look on your house.

Keeping your home tidy and clean is another issue to strategically battle out when you are considering your home designs. Even the keenest person could not easily maintain a tidy home. In between cleaning the house and resting, you need to juggle with life and kids which makes it all the more difficult. However, not all messy looking homes can be attributed to messy people living in the space. Surprisingly, a home may look messy because of the home designs, positioning and the color of the decors and furniture and fixture.

Here are some décor decisions that will make your house appear messy:

• Choosing the beige paint. No matter how spacious, vibrant and airy your home is, it will always look soiled and grimy if you choose to paint with the color beige.

• Displaying fake plants. Years before, the rise of the fake plants captivated a lot of designers and home owners. However, keeping them does not seem to be beneficial to the people living inside the house. It does not only mock nature, but at the same time, it collects tons of dust. It is better to stick with the real one.

• Pillow overload. Who would not want pillows on the sofa? Placing lots of pillows on the living room will make it look messy. If you have lots of pillows to show off, take them out one set at a time.

• Neglecting the doorway. If you want first impressions to last, start tidying up and decorating well your house’s entryway.

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3 Must-Visit Luxurious Vacation Rentals In Phuket

Phuket, Thailand – probably one of the most enticing, gorgeous tropical paradise in the world today where many tourists flock for vacation, holidays or simply just to have a relaxing and serene time with the beach. If you think about the islands, you may probably have an initial thought of living under tropical huts and living cheaply like the locals do. This is completely a far cry from the full capabilities of Phuket. Vacation Rentals in Phuket that involves the simple style of living is definitely a great way to enjoy a unique experience, however, if you’re looking for a deluxe, luxurious style of vacation, don’t worry as Phuket has more than what it got to serve them to you.

Vacation Rentals in Phuket that shouts ‘expensive’ all over the place are definitely bountiful on the island. The ones they’ve got are even comparable to those which you can find in more major countries like the US, if not better. One of the most gorgeous appeal that it will definitely hit you with, is that it can offer you a luxurious time like any other major country can do while still billing you with lesser amount.

1. Paresa
If you’re looking for a heavenly vacation, then this place is for you. As the term suggests in the language of Thai people which means heaven, it will definitely serve you with a heavenly experience, from the view it will serve you with, up to the amenities like the infinity pool which shows a grand appearance especially in the evening as it gets complimented with vast amounts of vibrant LED Lights.

2. Cape Panwa
This is located near the busy streets of Phuket and so, if you would like to have access to the joyous place filled with locals and tourists alike, then this will be your best choice. It’s a great place especially for families and couples. It consists of 205 rooms that will serve you with all you need. They have great amenities to offer you and they also have a shuttle service that will give you easier time with transportation.

3. Banyan Tree Phuket

This truly, grand place overs customers with over a hundred choices of villas which will all give you a luxurious vibe and possess a spacious quality that will amp your comfortable experience more. They offer great views of Lagoons and different bodies of water while they also serve other amenities like hot tubs, pools, Boat rides a whole lot more.

All of these gorgeous and luxurious hotels, as well as all the other ones which may not have been mentioned, all have one thing in common – they all will serve you with a relaxing and beautiful scene, topped with the awesome experience which the Phuket, island can serve people with.

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ADT Showcases Pulse System In CES Which You Can Get From iHome Alarm Systems

Security of one’s home have become more advanced and expensive these days. But if it means that you’re home, together with your properties and you’re family will be safe, then all will surely be worth it. With this mentality in mind, many have already equipped their homes with the right security system. Recently, the iHome Alarm Systems announced that it will also be featuring the newest innovation of ADT, the Pulse System. During the CES earlier this year, 2015, ADT showcased the said system while explaining some of the features of what this house automation could really bring you.

The ADT stated that their Pulse system will show their dedication to their valuable customers and reinforcing the fact that a ‘smart home’ could also be a ‘safe home’ both at the same time. The world we are on today is truly advanced and innovative, but people still prioritizes safety before anything else. This was found by ADT’s survey which showed that 82% will still be more concerned of the security and safety of their family, their pets and personal properties when they are not present in their home. This is also topped with their wish to be alerted when unwanted intruders enter their premises while their away.

The Senior Vice of ADT, Arthur Orduña, added that they made it their mission to help people protect what they value the most which became the reason why they continuously attempt to find the most effective home security which they claim can be found on ADT Pulse.

The ADT Pulse doesn’t only alert the owner of the house, but will also alert appropriate counters like police station etc., when any of the alarms tick off. Although more people particularly wished to be notified about break-ins, there are others who want to have remote control capabilities for their home while their away. And ADT brought just that. You could use the lightings, door lock, garage doors, and even fans. This could be achieved just by connecting to a wireless internet from your phone, laptop or tablet.

This latest innovation from ADT will definitely put a huge mark on the history of Home Automation and Security. If you’re also looking to be one of the million users of ADT Pulse System, then you could avail them through dealers of the company like the iHome Alarm Systems.

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Makeover Your Entryway Using DIY Tips

As soon as guests and visitors set foot in your property the first thing they are going to see is the front door. Nowadays, there are various additions to a standard home to make it more appealing and welcoming. There are some simple DIY projects you could do to lighten up the front of your house with added style.

The first thing you should do is purchasing a new door and replacing the old one. It is the simplest and fastest makeover you could give to your entryway. There are various options available in the market from single to double doors. Other doors have accents such as sidelights, transoms and decorative glass. There are many styles you could choose from that will surely suit the budget. If you have an option labeled with Energy Star then it is recommended because of its added comfort.

When choosing your new front door, choose color(s) that will stand out among others. If you are planning on keeping your old door rather than buying then the best makeover you could do is to give it a new coat of paint. If your house has a neutral theme colors then choose paint that has bolder and brighter colors. Don’t just pick any color though, it must also complement your house’s exterior theme and make sure it elevates the beauty of the place.

You could also add a path going to the front door with the help of pavers, gravels or flagstone. Just choose among these options as materials and you will have a new walkway within a day or two. If you want to add some more style and edge then add some lighting on your walkway. It is best for parties at night so visitors have some sort of a beacon guiding them through the front door even at the darkest night. For your walkway, you could use solar lights which can be installed easily.
Just drive the stake into the ground and find the best position where the panel will be able to face the sun during the day and recharge for night use.

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