Death Toll At Least 30 In Mauriupo, Ukraine

There were at least 30 people killed in the ongoing battle between pro-Russian separatists and the government of Ukraine. Among those reported dead were two children. The southeastern city of Ukraine is among the many areas in the war stricken country that experienced heavy shelling activities.

There were at least 100 people reported to be injured during the violent attacks. Many of the wounded suffered shrapnel injuries. Seventy five people needed to be rushed to the hospital for the serious injury.

Who is to blame for the attack?

According to the regional police of Donetsk, it was the group of the pro-Russian separatists that are behind the attacks. Only one person was arrested in response to the serious attack.

The police reported that the situation was already under control and urged the residents in the area to stay calm and to listen only to reliable sources of information.

Warnings against Russia

The global community condemns this heinous act of Russia. The United States Secretary John Kerry warned Russia of sanctions from the international committee if it does not stop bullying Ukraine. The Secretary is calling out for Russia to stop its support these separatists, end its supply of weaponries to fighters and to close the border between Russia and Ukraine.

The president of Ukraine expressed his grave sentiments over Russia’s continued support to the violent groups. With Russia’s acts in the past days, they have clearly breached the commitments and agreements that they had during last year’s meeting at Minsk.

The events that led to the tension between Russia and Ukraine

The war between Russia and Ukraine is a crisis on who is the rightful owner of the Crimean peninsula. Russia claimed it to be part of its territory although only five members of the United Nations, including Russia, affirm to Russia’s claims. Ukraine and Russia have been in a continuous struggle since. With Russia being the greater nations between the two, world political leaders see this as a David and Goliath showdown, only this time, the smaller country was sure to lose.

International sanctions were already made on Russia which left deep scars on its economy. Despite the sanctions, Russia still continues to proclaim itself the rightful owner of the peninsula and had opted for violent attacks.

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Condo For Rent Vs House Purchase: Which Is Better?

You don’t have to be confused as to whether you are going to look for a condo for rent Pattaya or buy a property in Thailand. This article will help you come up with a decision by looking at different factors. Some of the things that you should take a look into are the following:

Length of Stay

One of the important things that you should consider is whether you will stay in Pattaya for long or for a short period of time, say, a few years. If you intend to retire and stay in Thailand during your golden years, then buying a property like a beach house would be your best option. However, if you are just assigned in Pattaya and there is a good possibility that you will be reassigned to another area in the next few years, then getting a condo for rent Pattaya should be your best bet. If you are also a Thai national, buying a house would be better than merely renting a property. Renting a house or a condo unit means you will be paying for something which will never be yours.


If you have the budget for a lovely home by the beach or for a unit in the high end area of Pattaya, then buying a property would be a good idea. Even if you do not have the full amount at the moment, you can also mortgage the property but that is, if you would stay for long in the area. You can always say that you can easily sell the property out when you leave but the market value of the property may no longer be as it was when you bought it.

Recurring Fees

The recurring fee of condo for rent Pattaya is the condo’s monthly rent and renter’s insurance. However, for a house or property, you would have to pay for mortgage, condo fees, maintenance, property tax, etc. the choice is yours. There is actually no right or wrong answer to your question. It’s just a matter of budget, convenience and practicality.


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Special Plumbers And Heating Engineers – The Intricate World Of Under-Floor Heating

Under-floor heating is actually both a heating and a cooling system, providing thermal comfort by producing a desired indoor climate. This usually refers to the broader intricate pipework all around the house, that the electrically powered mat for heating that is usually found in bathrooms. This system is constantly or always on. The system is installed uniquely in every home and there is no standard mapping, it depends upon the installer. It is a special task that should only be undertaken by skilled and experienced heating engineers, as reputed as the ones in Glow Flow.

Installers have to employ a standard system or mapping, otherwise, engineers who will need to service an under-floor heating in the future may be lost in a labyrinth or maze. This should be observed as a sign of courtesy to the next person who will have to fix it and for convenience to homeowners. Even the professionals in Glow Flow in Doncaster may have a hard time figuring out the number of loops per room, the specific actuators grouped in which thermostat, and the rooms controlled by a particular thermostat. Most installers only leave the manufacturer’s manual with no diagram whatsoever of the actual system installed. Engineers are forced to troubleshoot from scratch and trace everything.

To add to that, there are no instructions as to how the system is to be utilized. Having no documentation makes troubleshooting a hard task and takes so much time. Details about other bits and pieces added to the system must also be specified so getting spares would be easier. Under-floor heating is prone to wear and tear as it is constantly heating. Turning it on and off to only function certain times of the day is no use since it depends mainly on the slabs on the floor and it may take a few hours to properly heat. After heating to the desired temperature, it only requires minor temperature adjustments for day or night heat preference. Needless to say, a functioning under-floor heating is essential and there should be little to zero downtime for this equipment, especially in the winter season. To conclude, always secure as much documentation that the installer can provide after integrating under-floor heating to your home.

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Baby Boomers Likely To Shift Travel Away From Europe

With several years of going and travelling to Europe, the Baby Boomers are now getting attracted to Latin and feeling the pull of the South America and the push from uncertainties in travelling the European continent.

AARP’s Travel Trends survey and its results

Especially during the times when the travel bookings as well as other surveys are revealing the travellers’ greater sensitivity to terrorism and political conflict, the new 2017 Travel Trends survey from AARP shows that 34% of Baby Boomers from America express their wishes in travelling to Europe by next year. This statistic is down from the 44% that expressed their interests last year.

For this year, out of the top 5 international destinations for Baby Boomer travel, Mexico tops the list, and the Caribbean ranks next. UK / England / Ireland which is generally perceived as safe from terrorism events in the whole European continent is on the third spot as indicated in the AARP survey. Central and South America follows then Italy.

GenXers are also pulling away from the European continent for their travel wish lists. The numbers are at 34% this year as compared to 46% from 2015.

Squaremouth’s survey results

A comparison site for travel insurances, Squaremouth also released results from their recent survey. Their data came from American customers who purchased travel insurance policies prior to 10/31/2016. It indicated that France is the slowest growing top destination for American travel during the past year.

Rachel Taft from Squaremouth mentions that this is the first instance where France is not part of the top 5 travel destinations in the past 5 years. Furthermore, there is an increase in searches for terrorism coverage for trips to France.

Squaremouth reports that France now ranks sixth. It was displaced by the UK and Canada. Bookings for France for the past 12 months until October 31 only grew 4.4% but it was almost 10 times for Canada. Canada is growing in popularity as an affordable and a safe destination.

The great news for travel agencies and travel agents is that 85% of these travellers haven’t booked their 2017 trips yet. They can definitely take advantage of offers for South America Tour Packages and other travel packages offered.

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What To Do When You Need Volkswagen Service In Brisbane

Volkswagen is one of the most dependable car makers in the industry today. They are the makers of high quality cars that prides in the unquestionable reliability of their car engines.  With all its strength and dependability, it is understandable that Volkswagen is more expensive than the average cars in the market these days. If your car is giving indications that it requires Volkswagen Service in Brisbane, attend to it right away to prevent getting a bigger issue on your vehicle.

Call a professional mechanic

Whether your car needs repair or you just want to keep it in perfect shape, only entrust your vehicle in the hands of a qualified mechanic. Your car is one of your priced investments and you want to mitigate damages or service requirement for it. Avoid hiring different mechanics. When you find a reliable repairman, keep his number and contact him alone when you have car issues instead of calling different mechanics.

Ask for service quotes

If you have not selected a mechanic for your Volkswagen Service in Brisbane, call at least three different service providers in your area and ask for service quotes. This way, you will have an idea on which of these mechanics provide competitive price for a satisfying service. Usually, repairmen could not provide quotes without proper assessment of your vehicle so most likely, they would ask if they could personally check your vehicle. They would either ask you to take your vehicle to their service shop or they can also visit where your car is located.

Schedule the service appointment

If you have successfully compared the service charge of different mechanics, it is now time for you to choose which of them you are going to hire. Call your chosen mechanic and set an appointment for the Volkswagen Service in Brisbane. If the car needs to be serviced right away, schedule the service immediately. However, if it can wait for your most convenient time, such as during the weekend where you would not need your car unlike weekdays, schedule the repair on your down time.


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The Biggest Deal In NRL History For A Teenager – 18 Years Old Kalyn Ponga Signs With Newcastle Knights

Kalyn Ponga, born 30th of March 1998, is just 18 years old, but is bound to sign a three million dollars’ worth of contract in a five-year deal with Newcastle Knights. This is a record high and the richest deal in NRL history for a teenager.

Ponga is currently playing with North Queensland and the contract is set to take effect in 2018. North Queensland is open for talks and negotiation with Pongas move to join the struggling team. Six other clubs is believed to also have tried to sign the young gun, which are Storm, Dragons, Bulldogs, Broncos, Titans and Parramatta. Ponga have played in his preferred positions, five-eight and fullback, in only two NRL games so far for the Cowboys in the finals series in 2016. Cowboys coach spoke in a press conference on Thursday saying he was disappointed to lose the 18-year old fullback. The coach said he is uncertain if Ponga asked for an immediate release but said that they refused to release him from his deal this 2017 and that he is a key component for their gameplan next season. He added that the Cowboys made an effort to keep him, but they could not win over Newcastle’s hefty offer. The coach is philosophical about their loss but then added to potentially block Kalyn’s pathway by re-signing Lachlan Coote, after all, the kid Ponga has only played two games. The young prodigy also lured a big fandom with his promising performance, raising demand for Ponga NRL merchandise online.

With Ponga’s 2017 contract still in place, this means Ponga will still fight alongside North Queensland and not yet be able to wear No. 1 Jersey for the Knights next season. Too bad there wouldn’t be Ponga Knights NRL merchandise online yet till then.

Other notable talents who were Ponga’s contemporaries were also lured away from their home clubs despite protests from fans. Johnathan Thurston left Bulldogs in 2004 and joined the Cowboys, as his path for the regulars was clouded when Brent Sherwin and Braith Anasta was signed.  Josh Mansour played for Rabbitohs on the under 20s side before moving to Penrith in 2011. Anthony Milford, one of the most promising talents and with which the Raiders invested so many resources to, moved to the Broncos to be closer to his home.


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How Will Donald Trump’s Presidency Affect The Home Improvement Industry

It looks like the passion of Americans for remodelling their homes is cooling. Home Depot, a popular home improvement retailer has been benefitting from the robust demand for remodelling supplies even as other parts of the retail industry are slowing down. However, the increase in property values for the fifth year in a row is driving Americans to divert their spending elsewhere. It is also possible that they have run out of projects to complete.

The election of Donald Trump as the next American president and the speculations that he will increase government spending are affecting the shares of Home Depot because Trump’s agenda is likely to cause inflation and increase in borrowing costs. If mortgages go up, it will be harder for people to buy homes. Markets are responding to movements in interest rates off the bond’s market assessment of any future changes in the federal budget and the US economy.

Based on the assessments of Chief Financial Officer Carol Tome rising rates will slow down the housing market and since Home Depot is rate-sensitive stock, Home Depot has to increase its profit forecast because of a lower tax rate. Same-store sales will gain about 3% in the 4th quarter of the year but this will be lower than the rest of the year. However, the increase will be on top of the 7.1% gain in the 4th quarter of 2015. The two-year growth rate remains to be in line with the rest of the year.

If rates will rise, it will affect the housing market and it is also expected to impact on the home improvement industry. The prices of homes have been rising at a pace of about 5% for two years. There is also limited supply of homes on the cheap-end. If the US economy improves under the new administration, it will be good news for the home improvement sector.

Homeowners can furnish their homes on a limited budget. You can bring your trailer to clearance furniture in Perth for quality furnishings at heavily discounted prices. Grab some bargains and enhance the aesthetics of your home without breaking the bank.


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Futuristic 3D Map App As A Practical Innovation For Businesses

During the Smart City Expo in Spain, Seattle-based Taqtile unveiled the new HoloMaps program that will render cityscapes, forests and different areas and landscapes using Bing 3D. The new interactive and collaborative 3D map app is being released for HoloLens through the Microsoft Store. Since the enterprise version also works through HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, people using the devices can view and play with the maps at the same time.

A wide range of data can be laid out on 3D map from traffic conditions, location-tagged tweets and weather forecasts for the specific areas displayed on the maps. Users can draw and write notes on the maps which can be saved for future use. Business can provide their own information and Taqtile will work with them for integration on the maps. The concept of the whole platform is to allow customers to bring in whatever information sources they want to overlay on the 3D maps.

Futuristic apps like this can be considered as practical innovation for businesses. The first customer of Taqtile was PGA Tour that allows people to interact with 3D models of different holes that have been overlaid with a large amount of statistics. According to Kelly Malone, Taqtile’s VP for product management, they are in active discussion with several sports teams so that the app can be used to display stadium remodel plans to the public and use it as a promotional tool to attract sponsors.

Malone said that they are also discussing the app with security agencies regarding the potential use in building plans for special events like the Super Bowl. The 3D maps can be used to determine the points of interests at the stadium and figure out things like the best placement for security personnel. The map can also be useful for municipalities because it will show how a neighborhood looks like and where to put new power lines.

Another tool that businesses can benefit from is the Illustrated Map that is a product of creativity and skillful combination of geography, architecture and information. It differs from the traditional maps because it shows a certain view of a location or scene as seen from above.


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Bathrooms In Sync With The Modern And Hi-Tech World

The 21st century bathrooms will involve television integrated mirrors to toilets having temperature controls and water jets. The bathrooms are set for a high-tech transformation.

Carla Danaher and Bianca Keegan look in to 5 current trends that are expected to change how bathrooms will be in the upcoming years.

Fancy shower head

The Kohler Moxie shower head is able to stream music from a wireless speaker. It syncs using Bluetooth technology with an MP3 player, a smartphone, a tablet or laptop.

The wireless speaker is water resistant and pops in / out from the shower head. It is rechargeable and has a listening time of 7 hours.

Hi-tech toilet

The TOTO Neorest is changing the toilet experience to a different level of comfort. There is a computerized control panel, and it also offers temperature controls, water jets having pressure, mood-enhancing background music and bottom dryers producing hot air.

Smart Style Bathrooms’ Cameron Slater said that some of the models have lids that open automatically when a user is just entering the bathroom. He added that there are also lids which go back to their horizontal positions.


They were shown on The Block. With social media and the internet influencing people’s lives now, it will not come as a surprise when they’ll make their way to people’s bathrooms.

Mr Slater said that a television integrated on a two-way mirror will add a different level of quality to bathrooms. People are able to check weather forecasts or watch YouTube clips while getting ready.

Laser razor

This laser razor that doesn’t cause irritation, cut or scratch is still a prototype. Furthermore, this is still under development by Skarp.

It was made controversial when a crowd-funding site suspended it after there are doubts of the claims it’s making. However, another site already picked it up.

Shower offering a view

For anyone who fancies taking showers while admiring a landscape like a city skyline, this is the answer.

Buying a shower screen in Melbourne or a smart glass window which changes from clear to frosted glass with a flick of a switch should do it.


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Junior Football Team Aided By Bouncy Castle Company

The team of junior footballers is overjoyed after a local bouncy castle company has pledged to give funds in order for them to have their first kit.

The new team of Runcorn Linnets that is comprised of kids under 12 years old for the Sunday blue team had no choice but to join in the inaugural season despite the fact that they don’t have a kit. What they wore were mostly odd items and some are second hand shirts, socks and shorts that were used by the Linnets teams before them.

After the ASB Bouncy Castle Hire decided to fund the first kit of the junior footballers, they are more like a team now. The children received new kits that show off the secondary colors of Linnets which is blue and white in hoops.

The bouncy castle company is based in Runcorn and during the reveal of their donated kits, the businesses decided to set up one of their giant bouncy castle in the playing fields of Linnets located in Murdishaw Avenue. This is to let the kids have fun while the unveiling is being done.

According to the manager of the team, Kev Lampkin who used to be a professional footballer, he began his career at Liverpool. After which he was able to join the teams in Huddersfield and Mansfield. He shared that the kids were happy because they now own new kits and he is thankful to the company of ASB Bouncy Castle Hire because of their help.

He admitted that at one point he was thinking that they have to use the old kits that the former teams used which the residents at Linnets have put together in order for the kids to wear something. He also added that the new kits look good on the kids and they love it. They were also able to celebrate the moment because of the bouncy castle installed.

The owner of the bouncy castle company, Connor Bird, is also happy about the kids now that they have a new kit.

If you are in Australia and holding a party, contact Kids Bouncy Castle for Hire in Perth.


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A Less Messy Alternative To Drywall

When Clare Gee with her husband, Andrew, bought a century-old Glebe house in 2005, they knew they were facing a huge clean up job. The house was a bed and breakfast back in 1991, and it was very dated.

A big disaster

She recalls that there were flowered wallpapers everywhere. In some places, there would be used burlap to hide the cracks and also to keep the walls up. In other places, some cracks were huge. There was also a popcorn (or stippled) ceiling in the dining room.

Gee knew the mess and also the stress involved in drywalling the house that enormous. So, she searched for a plasterer from the Yellow Pages and found Frank Pooley to do just that.

Help from a professional plasterer

Popular in the United Kingdom, Pooley’s knowledge of wet plastering was brought from England where he came from. He replicates the European plastering technique.

Put simply, he covers the area with several layers of plasters which is a combination of wet and dry drywall products from Canada that he mixes. He applies it using a towel or a sponge and a spatula, brushing it with a smooth layer and giving it a solid, robust, finish.

There are a lot of reasons to hate drywalling, any part of a wall that requires repairing, stippled ceiling, but the most hated amongst them is dust. Endless, airborne and tiny particles of dust get into everything, no matter how much plastic screen or tarpaulins contractors use to cover the area. It is bad for the furniture, one’s health and even sense of humour.

Pooley’s technique will save one the repeated vacuum sessions and will leave a perfectly finished and smooth wall ready to paint.

Pooley can have a usual 10- by 10- foot ceiling ready to be painted in just under a week. There will be no need to move the furniture out.

Pooley learned his skills from the Youth Opportunities Scheme under former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, and he brought those skills to Canada after he married a Newfoundlander.

Look for any professional Plasterers in Sydney or any local company and be stress-free with renovating homes.


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What Are The Costs Of Tree Removal In Perth

Generally the cost of tree removal Perth would depend on several factors. The rates of tree loppers and tree service maintenance also vary from one company to another. Never assume that these companies collect similar amounts. The rates of these companies would also differ especially if the company has been with the industry for a longer period of time and if they have already gained a steady number of followers.   More or less, the cost of tree removal and general maintenance vary depending on these factors:

Degree of job difficulty

When you pay for a tree removal service, you are not merely paying for the act. You are actually paying for the years of experience and concentration poured on the job. You are also paying for the skills and knowledge invested on the arborist just to deliver high quality service that you expect and deserve. If the arborist collects higher amount for the task, it only means that the job on hand is more challenging. However, to give you a better idea, ask for advanced estimates. This way, you will know the average going rate in the industry today.

Equipment needed

Companies for tree removal Perth invest on their safety gears, equipment and tools to ensure not just their safety but also of your property and of course, for high quality result. They need to sharpen their chainsaw belt, replace old ropes and other related necessities in the performance of their job. There more complicated the job, the more they need to utilize a reliable tool and this would affect the rate. An equipment that is in tip-top shape speeds up work and guarantee safer execution of the job.


If you are located in the outskirts of isolated part in the area, you can expect a higher rate for the service. To minimize the fee, look for companies that offer tree removal Perth that operates in the area near you. Lastly, the time required to finish the job also has a bearing on the overall cost of the service. Jobs that require more workers and longer time will naturally be higher in cost.

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New Innovators: InvoiceFair

Many people assume the established banking systems have the answers to the financial needs of any company. According to InvoiceFair’s co-founder, this is not the case.

For Helen Cahill, these financial services industry don’t meet two of the top market demands: the ability in returning attractive returns for investors who use their short-term liquid cash and the supply of adjustable short-term credit line per transaction basis.


The business of InvoiceFair


Cahill together with co-founder Philip Hickey both worked on the idea of InvoiceFair back in 2014. The software used for their company’s online tech platform was also created during this period. Their business launched last March.

They are employing four people and will have two more in the future. Investments now run to €300,000, and the company already received full support from Enterprise Ireland for its start-ups program.

With the rising trend of using technology in providing other forms of finance, InvoiceFair is joining in on this niche.

Cahill mentions how technology is an enabler, and it will alter the relationships between businesses and their consumers.


InvoiceFair giving investors faster access to capital

There are numerous Irish companies who want this faster access to capital, according to Cahill. However, these companies are hesitant to hand over their Printed Invoice Books to discounters or banks. Companies can sell one invoice and to have the money in 24 hours.

InvoiceFair targets small and medium enterprises which usually bill €10,000 and more per invoice. They charge the company 1% of the invoice’s value in order for them to use InvoiceFair’s platform. These invoices are auctioned online. Local as well as international investors take bids to buy these invoices.


Invoice trading is for all sectors

Their current customers are from Irish companies in the ICT, construction and pharma sectors. They are planning a global expansion of their services as invoices relate to all sectors.

Cahill notes that their system is appealing for professional investors due to the transparency and the good return potential.

She also believes that companies should make use of invoice trading to reduce dependency on financial institutions while widening the funding base.


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Pattaya: Investor’s Apple Of The Eye

Despite that political unrest that has started in 2013 in the country of Thailand, the popular resort city of the country located in Pattaya continues to attract many investors from all over the world because of the property prices that are very affordable, rental yields that are higher than most, number of tourists coming to the country continues to rise and the climate is ever pleasant.

The Tourism Authority of Thailand or TAT, revealed that the number of tourists arriving on the country continues to rise starting from the first quarter of this year and up to the second quarter with an estimated 9.04 million tourists that were recorded during the first quarter of the year. In comparison to the same period of last year, there is a 15.45 per cent increase in the number of tourists. For this year’s second quarter, it was recorded that around 7.55 million tourists arrived on the country. Compared to the same period last year, there has been an increase of 8.23 per cent.

Tourism is said to be one of the attributing factors why there has been an increase in demand in terms of real estate in Pattaya. According to a research conducted by Plus Property, many Chinese investors are searching for a holiday home and this is why Wongamat is receiving more attention than usual because of the unexpected increase in demand.

Since the year 2008, prices of real estate properties in Pattaya continues to increase but the fact remains that it is still more affordable compared to other tourist destinations in the world. Take for example the prime location in the city which is Wongamat. It has the highest price range in all of the property market in Pattaya. The starting price for properties is at THB 600,000 for every square meter while the condominium buildings near the beaches are sold at a starting proce of THB 120,000 for every square meter. Despite this, the price is still affordable especially to Chinese investors who are looking for a good investment they can use as rental units. The house for sale in Pattaya is still way cheaper compared to those that can be found in the top cities in China.


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Keep Carpet Clean With Pets Around

If you are a pet owner then you know the struggle of trying to keep the carpet stain-free and to make sure all the upholstery inside the house is hair-free. If you are thinking of calling up your local carpet cleaning professional, you might want to try checking under your kitchen sink for items that you might be able to use in cleaning.

According to the Cleaning Connection’s manager and owner, Robert Warden, the best way is to vacuum with the help of a well functioning vacuum or a sweeper. The problem with vacuum is that it is not able to remove all the little hair that gets entangles with the fabric of the carpet. For this, you can use a lint roller which sometimes does the trick. This is effective especially when trying to get hair out of the furniture or the upholstery. There are carpets where lint roller can be used in an effective manner. Common household items that you have may also be used. In the absence of a lint roller, you can make do with a duct tape or a masking tape as a make shift lint roller.

If you have a pet bed then they are helpful in minimizing pet hair. According to Trusty Corporate Cleaning’s owner, Rosie Beamer, the best way would be to make sure that the pet is always groomed and that hair mitts are being used to minimize the shedding. There are also pet owners that lay down a pet blanket so this is where the pet is staying. The blanket is helpful as you can clean it easily by just shaking it outside and getting it inside the wash. You can also buy sprays over the counter which is designed to keep pets from climbing on the furniture.

A recommendation from the Humane Society suggested soaking the newspaper with as much of the pet’s urine as possible then transferring it to the pet’s designated bathroom. Make sure to clean up the area where they soiled to avoid any repetition.

If you are not successful with any of these attempts, you can hire Franklin carpet cleaning professionals.

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The Need For A One-Size-Fits-All Marketing Solution

According to a recent report, there is a need for a “one size fits all” solution in terms of marketing since many of the marketers are struggling to succeed in closing the deal on campaign return on investments (ROIs).


Bluewolf’s State of Salesforce study

Bluewolf, an IBM company, and its yearly State of Salesforce study investigated the thoughts of more than 1,700 Salesforce customers who are from marketing, service, sales and IT industries.

The marketing section of the report that investigates the marketer’s tech stack was looked into by MarketingTech.

From the report, it was known how those with success are going towards an intelligent and integrated core platform. Bad data and disparate apps are some barriers which are stopping these marketers from going beyond just the basics of salesforce.

For 29% of the marketers, data quality is an issue. 21 percent mentioned that they have access to some of the other departments’ data. 19 percent indicated to researchers that they have data quality as well as standards in place.

According to the report, since there is no sole platform closing the gap, the marketers are overwhelmed with the data including the time spent on managing different tools. This means they cannot focus on their purpose which is to market products and services. This is why some businesses rely on other companies, such as crewdo, to manage their marketing campaigns.

According to Bluewolf’s global CMO, Corinne Sklar, the report suggests governance as well as partnership with the IT department to overcome these challenges. However, she adds, the “one size fits all” platform is a dream. She also mentions to MarketingTech that marketers need to access data and make it actionable.


Mobile working

From the report, another interesting insight is the opportunity regarding mobile. 61 percent of those surveyed mentioned that there is a “significant opportunity” to enhance how mobile is used to achieve goals. Only a small number of marketers felt they are able to run their business from phones or tablets.

Sklar believes that all technology need not be mobile since people are multi-device. He adds that focus is needed on employee experience through examining frequent and important decisions, then reducing effort that takes to make them.

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Teaching English To Toddlers Through Learning Software

According to data provided by Lingumi, the world spends a total of $150 billion on English learning. The number increases by 25% every year. Lingumi Play was created by Oxford University graduate Tony Mather and chief technology officer Adit Trivedi. The language learning software is a connected toy that works on both Android and iOS devices to teach a foreign language to children who are aged two and above.

Lingumi wants to teach foreign languages to children while they are young because according to research humans learn a foreign language better from the time they are born until they reach the age of 6. However, in most instances, formal training in a second language usually starts when the child is already 4 or 5 years old. Through Lingumi, parents have a choice from 6 foreign languages that includes French, Italian, Spanish and Mandarin although English is the primary focus of the learning software.

Mather was inspired to create the learning software after traveling the world and teaching English in Russia. He saw parents who were not native speakers of a particular language of a country and their difficulties in teaching the children a foreign language. He wanted to create a better way for children to learn English.

Lingumi is an augmented reality technology wherein the teaching method combines foam cubes with a tablet or phone app in introducing language concepts to toddlers without the need to interact with the screen of the device. Lingumi makes learning a new language quite engaging for young children because it is like a toy.

Meanwhile, Mather has bigger plans for Lingumi; he wants the curriculum to include speech skills and vocabulary as well as the whole spectrum of English learning. Eventually, Mather wants teachers to use the software and use the methods alongside their digital resources.

After gaining a TEFL certification, there are lots of opportunities for teaching English in Thailand. English is a foreign language in Thailand but many people want to learn the language because of its global importance. People want to take advantage of the opportunities enjoyed by those who can communicate in English.

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Why Moken Children Have The Uncanny Ability To See Clearly Underwater

If you dive in the ocean without a mask, it is very unlikely that you can see the corals and fishes clearly even with open eyes. However, this is not the case with some children from the nomadic sea faring people called Moken. The children have the uncanny ability to see clearly underwater. It is strange but not surprising because the Moken people are historically dependent on the ocean that surrounds the Mergui Archipelago.

The Mergui Archipelago is composed of 800 small islands off the southwestern coast of Myanmar. For 8 to 9 months every year, the Moken people live aboard their boats called Kabang. During the monsoon season, the Moken people temporarily camp in land but they live from what they can harvest from the sea. Sometimes, they trade their harvest with other supplies available through their Chinese and Malaysian neighbors.

Unlike most people, Moken children can see underwater because most of their time is spent in the waters gathering seafood at a very young age. According to a Swedish scientist Anna Gislen who has been studying the Moken people for two decades, the Moken children have more than twice the visual acuity of European children. Gislen thinks that part of the reason to see clearly underwater is their ability to constrict the pupils like a camera lens. Gislen also believes that the Moken children unconsciously developed their focus on an object to improve their vision underwater. This is usually referred to as accommodating the lenses, an ability that can be retained up to adolescence.

However, the tsunami that destroyed the Moken homeland in 2004 has displaced the sea faring community. The government has to relocate them inland for safety and to enhance their employment potentials. Since children will no longer be diving into the sea it is possible that they will also lose visual clarity under the water.

An adventure that you should try even for once in your life is Similan island liveaboard diving trips. Aside from diving and snorkeling, you will also enjoy sailing the Similan islands. In terms of marine life and underwater topography, there is more variety in Similan than other diving destinations all over the world.

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Homeless Students Can Utilize Community College Showers Inside Campus

Last week, a new bill has been signed by Governor Jerry Brown and is now a law. The new law allows homeless students to use the shower facilities provided by the community colleges.

The bill was introduced by Das Williams who is an Assemblyman at D-Santa Barbara. This new law will make it possible for students that have good standing with the college to utilize the facilities. Good standing means that they are enrolled and have paid the proper fees for enrollment. Usually, the shower facilities in the colleges are only limited to those students who are taking courses related to physical education.

The bill has already been passed by the state Senate as well as the Assembly 33-1 and 73-4. It was last Wednesday that Brown was able to sign the new legislation.

According to statement from Williams, the bill will pave way into making sure that students will be able to attend their class without worrying about the major obstacle of showering. There are many students that are skipping classes because of their insecurities as well as fear of not being accepted. Now that they have the means to shower inside the campus, there will be no reason for them to skip because of their physical issues.

The law states that the access of the students to the showers will only be according to the operating hours of the gym.

In Santa Maria, the Allan Hancock College has already recorded of 27 students who proved them to be homeless through the FAFSA. The associate superintendent of the college, Nohemy Ornelas who is also the vice president of student services explained that FAFSA is an aid form for homeless students to have federal finance.

Ornelas shared that they have already known of the their homeless students even before the legislation was passed and they have been giving them access to showers as long as they have been identified as homeless. Now the college is working into making things a formal process.

For schools that have shared showers, it is important to have shower screens in Perth.

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Online Directory for Locating a Lost Ring

Have you ever experienced losing a precious ring after a dive on the ocean? You were certainly frustrated thinking that you won’t ever find your ring. However, that is not the case because there is a new online directory that has 25 professionals all over the world waiting for the desperate call to find a lost ring. It does not necessarily require the ring to be lost in an ocean because the professional ring finders will help you find the ring anywhere outdoors whether in the park, beach or yard.

The online site is dedicated towards assisting people so that their lost jewelry can be found. Chris turner who was the founder of the website has his own metal detecting company in Vancouver, British Columbia and he thought that the public will benefit from this kind of service to find their lost jewelry. Turner setup the online directory so that people can connect with professionals in at least 6 continents. The online directory is not actually a referral service; it helps connect people to specialists in metal detecting.

Most of the specialists are independent operators who charge different fees. According to BBC, some of the specialists do the job for free as long as their travel expenses are reimbursed. One example is a Reddit user that has recently been married. He lost his new wedding band at the North Myrtle Beach in South Carolina. After explaining his situation in Reddit, someone showed up and helped find the wedding band. Fortunately, the ring was found in less than an hour in about a foot of water off the shore.

This piece was jewelry was found easily but in some cases, it takes hours or even days before the item is discovered. A wedding ring almost always has a story and by finding them, the story continues. There are mens wedding bands Sydney that have been specially designed and crafted to last for a lifetime. If the wedding band gets lost, it will certainly be frustrating. It is not the monetary value that matters but the love and romance of the wedding day.

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Insecticide-Resistant Bugs And How To Get Rid Of Them

Carpet Cleaning may be an easy task for some. With high quality vacuum cleaner and tough insecticide, one can easily say that cleaning carpets is a no-sweat task. After a thorough carpet cleaning, one can say that he is already ready to bid mites, dust, bed bugs and other home pollutants farewell. However, according to the expert entomologists of Ohio State University, bed bugs have adapted to the strengthened formulation of available pesticides in the market. More related studies also share the same findings.   Now, if bed bugs and other pollutants have become stronger and would resist to available products in the market, how can you ensure the safety of your family against insect bites and skin irritants?

With the safety and cleanliness of your carpets in mind, one way for you to combat these newly developed insecticide-resistant bed bugs is to look for a stronger and more potent product in the market. But then again, you are putting yourself and your loved ones at risk from these harsh chemicals.  If you do not know how to administer these harsh and highly toxic chemicals, not only are you putting yourself in danger, you might also incur damage to your carpet.

If handling toxic carpet cleaning materials would be perilous for you, the best alternative is to look for professionals who would do the carpet cleaning for you. Carpet cleaners such as those at the Franklin Carpet Cleaning are experts in the field. They are equipped with the latest carpet cleaning products and know exactly how to administer them in a safe and effective manner.

There are a lot of professional carpet cleaners in the industry today. You can easily find them on the internet and even on your local papers. Make sure that the carpet cleaners have positive reviews from their customers. You can get this information by visiting your target cleaner’s website. Find time to go over their site to gather relevant information such as customer feedback, the type of equipment and cleaning materials they use and even their carpet cleaning practices. Find out if their cleaning practices are safe and if they use environment-friendly products.

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