Death Toll At Least 30 In Mauriupo, Ukraine

There were at least 30 people killed in the ongoing battle between pro-Russian separatists and the government of Ukraine. Among those reported dead were two children. The southeastern city of Ukraine is among the many areas in the war stricken country that experienced heavy shelling activities.

There were at least 100 people reported to be injured during the violent attacks. Many of the wounded suffered shrapnel injuries. Seventy five people needed to be rushed to the hospital for the serious injury.

Who is to blame for the attack?

According to the regional police of Donetsk, it was the group of the pro-Russian separatists that are behind the attacks. Only one person was arrested in response to the serious attack.

The police reported that the situation was already under control and urged the residents in the area to stay calm and to listen only to reliable sources of information.

Warnings against Russia

The global community condemns this heinous act of Russia. The United States Secretary John Kerry warned Russia of sanctions from the international committee if it does not stop bullying Ukraine. The Secretary is calling out for Russia to stop its support these separatists, end its supply of weaponries to fighters and to close the border between Russia and Ukraine.

The president of Ukraine expressed his grave sentiments over Russia’s continued support to the violent groups. With Russia’s acts in the past days, they have clearly breached the commitments and agreements that they had during last year’s meeting at Minsk.

The events that led to the tension between Russia and Ukraine

The war between Russia and Ukraine is a crisis on who is the rightful owner of the Crimean peninsula. Russia claimed it to be part of its territory although only five members of the United Nations, including Russia, affirm to Russia’s claims. Ukraine and Russia have been in a continuous struggle since. With Russia being the greater nations between the two, world political leaders see this as a David and Goliath showdown, only this time, the smaller country was sure to lose.

International sanctions were already made on Russia which left deep scars on its economy. Despite the sanctions, Russia still continues to proclaim itself the rightful owner of the peninsula and had opted for violent attacks.

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House Buyers In London Need At Least 500,000 Pounds

The average cost of homes has broken already through the 500,000 pounds barrier in at least half of London postcodes. The research result conducted by Stirling Ackrpyd found out that out of 279 postcode districts found in Greater London, 142 or about 51 percent had an average price of about 500,000 pounds.

If you take a survey of homes situated outside of London, you will find out that the average prices are less than 500,000 pounds. The half-million pound postcodes located in London now includes E1 in the East part, SE15 in Peckham. The average prices for homes in these two postcodes have reached 501,900 and 503,000 pounds respectively. The research institute said that the house prices has long been skewed by the very expensive neighborhoods but have now been rising broadly and steadily and has increasingly become detached from the rest of Wales and England. The managing director commented that London has increasingly become another country. Within the borders specified, more and more location has been claimed by home values which were only dreamed by the sellers in the past.

How to Fix the House Crisis in 2016

Gone are the days where there were traditional prejudices on certain postcodes. London has become more diverse than ever. However the boundaries are blurring and shifting. Bankers and lawyers are likely to live in Hackney as they are willing to choose Fulham while the offices of financial services and law firms are found frequently within the Southbank or Shoreditch as they are in the City.

The research result also found out that there are still neighborhoods that are within the easy reach in central London wherein the average prices were less than the common 500,000 pounds. West London on the other hand remains to be the most expensive places to buy.

Those who are looking to live in London are now faced with a huge problem. However, for those who are engaged in real estate and even to enterprises who are in construction, painting and decorating are benefiting from these developments. Those who are looking to tie up with a reliable and trusted painting and decorating company, you may visit

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What You Should Know About Hiring Tree Services

Ask yourself, when is it advisable to hire tree services? Well, to put it simply, you don’t always have to hire tree services in dire need. Of course, during situations where your safety is being compromised, you would definitely need to hire arborists or tree surgeons. Instances like when a tree limb crashes through your window shattering the glass and sending the shards scattering on your carpet calls for professional limbing work that can only be done by tree professionals. However, you can also hire tree services for maintenance. If you want to keep your trees pruned and healthy, you can hire a tree surgeon to help you care for your trees. Doing so will also increase the value of your property.

Homeowners are advised not to meddle with DIY tree service because they could be very dangerous. For example, if you need a decayed tree cut down, it would require effective planning and preparing. You would have to effectively calculate the direction where the tree will fall. One slight miscalculation can send your tree towards your home which will not only endanger the lives of your family but will also cause a great deal of damage to your property. That is why you should always go for professionals because they are the ones who are fully equipped and trained to conduct tree-related work. Also, they’ll be able to guide you through tree regulations to help you avoid getting on the wrong side of the law.

But the question is where will you find such services? The answer is easy: ONLINE. The Internet is home to numerous companies that offer tree services. However, you should be careful when choosing a company because they might turn out unfit for the job. Make sure you choose a certified company like Ark Tree Work. Do not go for the ones that will ask you to pay an advance even without providing the estimates. You must also ask for a written contract on the type of work that needs to get done.

Another way of finding tree services is through word of mouth. If you know someone who just recently had work done on their trees, you should definitely consult that person.

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Helpful Tips To Consider Before Packing Moving Boxes

– If you are going to move out of your house and onto a new home, you are definitely placed in a tight packing problem. But before you start packing your moving boxes, there might be a few things you may want to consider first.

  1. Clean your home quickly. Yes, you might be thinking: “What is the use for cleaning the house when you are planning to move away?” But you should know that it would be easier to pack your things when you clean the house. You do not have to engage in intense cleaning like scrubbing the bathroom floor. Instead, give at least a quick 15 minute cleaning for every room so that you’ll be able to start your packing in a clean environment and by doing so, you’d be able to pack faster as things are now more organized and easily accessible.
  2. Take out the clutter. Know which things are useful enough for you to keep. For the things that don’t have any use for you, you should know that they’ll only take up space on your new house and it would be wiser to just throw them away.
  3. Set a system. Packing can get very overwhelming and chaotic and because of this, it can be quite difficult to keep track of the things you are packing. So before you pack, try setting up a system first and determine the things you want to keep, the things you want to sell or give away and the things you want to throw away. Sort them out on different containers and make sure to label them specifically so you don’t end up throwing valuable items.
  4. Responsible labeling. This is needed for effective packing. What you need to do is to label each container with the room that they should be unloaded into so that your unpacking session doesn’t get too chaotic and your other family members don’t get their items lost or mixed with yours.
  5. Find the right containers. While you may just want to purchase a 100 medium sized moving boxes, the painful truth is that you would actually need Paper Mart boxes of varying sizes because not all of your belongings are sized the same. It is also important to find sturdy boxes so that your things don’t get messed up while on transport.
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Luxury Home Equipped With Suite For Man’s Best Friend

If you visit the Horner’s Woods subdivision and check out the house located at 833 Barkentine Dr., you may think that this is a house as common as others. In fact, the shingle style house located in the quite street will prove you wrong.

Because of the suburban setting, one might not expect much from the house in Pine Creek Bay without knowing that it has a water dock that is 15-foot deep leading to Lake Michigan as well as Lake Macatawa. There is also an outdoor swimming pool inside the estate, a hot tub for relaxation and sandy beach that one could enjoy. The 100 foot lot also keeps inside a tiny place for nature preserve for those who love the greenery.

The luxury home is said to be 11 years old and is now listed in the market for a price tag of $3 million. The listing was done by Wendy Ryder who is from International Realty in Shore Sotheby.

There is a guest suite in the lower level but it has been recently converted into a kennel for the furry family members. The suite boasts a dog bath and a door that makes it easier for pets to access an outdoor place to run and roam which is completely paved as well as fenced. For those who are not fond of pets or do not wish to have one, Ryder explained that the kennel suite can be converted back into a bedroom since there is already plumbing provided for bathroom fixtures.

If you are a guest inside the house, there are two front doors that give access to the foyer passing through the porch. The entrance hall will lead the visitors into a floating staircase and into a living room with very high ceiling. The living room has an amazing view of the water outside since there are eight windows placed around the rounded wall.

For those who are do not have the means to this luxury home, a luxury bathroom is possible by making use of single basin vanity units from The Bathrooms and More Store.

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Owners of Albuquerque’s Famous Indian Restaurant To Retire

The very first Indian restaurant that was opened in Duke City dates back to Ronald Reagan during his first term in the oval office. At that time, the internet was still in its early stages and it was then that Ajay and Rajul Gupta decided to open their very own Indian restaurant.

It was formally opened last April of the year 1982 and was called the Indian Kitchen. From then until today, the restaurant is known in Albuquerque for those people who have learned to love the unique and exotic taste of the Indian cuisine. The tradition of dining in the Indian restaurant has been passed on for a few generations now. The married couple who started the restaurant was also responsible in creating their signature Indian dishes such as saag paneer, chicken tikka masala and samosas.

Ajay Gupta is the one responsible in handling the kitchen where he is in charge of all the entrees in the menu while his wife, Rajul Gupat, is the one taking care of the appetizers as well as the desserts selections. Rajul also acts as the face of the place because she welcomes and serves the diners and she is known to always appear so elegant wearing her different colored sari.

According to Ajay, night after night of their opening is considered as a new show for the couple tandem. Now, the show is about to end for both of them. The Indian Kitchen restaurant will be serving only until the 12th of December because of the couple’s decision to retire.

The husband and wife shared how their customers have been their family for the past years as well. They have come to know of their children as well as their grandchildren. They have memorized the favorite dishes of their most loyal diners and even modified some of their dishes in order to meet the needed requirement for a specific person’s diet.

Albuquerque is not the only place where there is deliciousIndian food but there are Indian restaurant in Perth that offers them as well.

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Online Tools That Will Help In Growing A Business

Starting an online store can be daunting because you have to literally start from zero. You build a website from the ground up, fill it with quality content and check it for any technical glitches before you launch it to the public. After the launching, the work is not over because you have to grow your mailing lists, spread your brand through social media and manage client schedules efficiently.

The mailing list is basically a foundation for marketing but getting started can be overwhelming. However, there are tools that make the job easier like “email opt-in”. This tool is not as complicated as it seems. Once you have the opt-in in your website it will direct potential and existing clients to provide you their name and email address so that they can be added to the mailing list.

The importance of social media can no longer be overlooked by businesses. In order to gain prominent social media presence, every business must update regularly to generate public interest. However, posting updates on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram can consume most of your time and energy. There is a plethora of online tools like Meet Edgar and Hootsuite that will allow you to reach more customers in a fraction of the time that you will spend in posting manually.

To generate content, it will be more cost effective to outsource the job. Nobody is on the cutting edge of social media more than teenagers who can be your asset in expanding your social media presence. However, another problem can crop up because as your business grows there will be more clients.

Trying to manage all your appointments can be frustrating not to mention the fact it can result into miscommunication with your clients. A booking platform can take care of online scheduling so that clients can book for appointments by themselves. It becomes much easier on their part to do business with you.

Starting Online Business is more efficient and effective when you hire professionals for the job. They can build your online store with the right tools to immediately gain online presence. You can follow up customers through automated emails and make sure that your business is integrated with social media.

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Toxic Lead Found In An Elementary School’s Plumbing System

The water used at Flint elementary school was subjected to a recent testing and results showed a high level of toxic lead. The water was extracted from the school’s drinking fountain as well as faucets. This news was admitted by the state officials as a problem that stemmed mainly from the kind of fixtures that are installed inside the school building.

According to the publicized result of the water testing conducted at Eisenhower Elementary, out of the 43 water outlets that were tested, 18 of these were found out to have lead levels. The lead content is said to be more than 15 parts for every billion and was found out least once in every 18 outlets tested for the duration of the testing. The data showed that the level is more than the acceptable limit set by the Environmental Protection Agency of the United States.

The water samples that were tested were extracted last October 30 and 31 by the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality. Samples were taken from each of the 43 water fixtures including two of the out buildings that are included in the school property.

According to DEQ, the likely culprit of the lead that has leached into the system is the fixtures and the plumbing that is responsible in connecting the water system inside the building. Lead is known to be used in soldering the copper pipe joints, brass valves as well as brass fittings. The brass components that are used in the fixtures including the galvanized piping also make use of lead.

Another statement from the report revealed that the highest source of lead that is tested was found to be coming from the separate drinking fountains and faucets. The main supply plumbing that is used by the main building as well as the two outbuildings in the property is not lead contributors.

The testing was done after it has been found out that many of the children from three of Flint’s school have high lead levels in their blood. A thorough testing was conducted at Eisenhower after lead content was also found Brownell and Freeman Elementary. For proper plumbing installation near Sheffield, contact Pro Jett.

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Holiday Gifts That Can Inspire Children To Be More Technologically Conscious

Christmas is fast approaching it is very likely that you are thinking of potential presents for children. Early planning is the best option to avoid a ridiculous bout of financial splurging. There are unlimited options when it comes to children’s gifts from board games, toy guns and dolls but if you are looking for something different, here are some gifts that can inspire a child to delve into the world of technology.

  • Women in Science card game – is an educational game that can be played by the family. The game costs about €20 and it is guaranteed to leave a lasting impression on their minds about key women in the world of science.
  • Lottie dolls – even little girls aspire to become engineers, scientists and technicians. Lottie dolls are not the standard dolls you see in the mall; Irish start up Arklu, the maker of the Lottie dolls want to empower children to be themselves. The dolls are priced between €20 and €25 with different professions that will suit your requirements.
  • GoldieBlox Action hero – are a couple of women superheroes that get adventurous while zip-lining through towns and sky diving into cities. According to the company, about 12% of protagonists in Hollywood films are women and they are outnumbered by male superheroes 3 to 1. Girls also deserve action which they enjoy through Goldie and Ruby Rails. The superwomen dolls cost about €20 to €30 and can be purchased directly from toyshops in Ireland and the UK.
  • Makedo cardboard construction kits – makes children creative and encourages them to use a little imagination. Children can build forts, costumes, race cars and robots from cardboard boxes and tubes. The construction kit sells for $12.50 in the US plus shipping charges.
  • 3Doodler – is the world’s first printing pen that allows older children to draw in 3 dimensions using a selection of colored plastics. The pen itself costs about $99 while the plastic pack in rainbow colors cost $10 each.

Tulle material is an option over the traditional materials used for gift wrapping. Even if tulle material is extremely fine, lightweight and floating, it is surprisingly durable and strong to be used for packaging.

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Checklist For The Best Web Designer

A lot of people are looking to have their own website and hire a web designer without even knowing how to recognize the good ones from the bad ones. Knowing the difference between the two could help a great deal as it will save you the headache later on when you see the site that was built for you and the impact it has caused to your online business. There are some who hits the jackpot and find the best ones that are just perfect for the job.

There are important things one should know when hiring a web designer. Here is a checklist to keep things in check and to make sure that you found the best there is in a sea web design individuals and companies.

– Make sure to have a look at the portfolio of the web designer you are interested in hiring. They may have a lot of previous work done but it doesn’t mean that those work are exceptional. You have to see for yourself the quality of work done by the potential web designer you want to hire. If there are still active websites then you could ask for some and check it yourself. Be sure to browse the websites using both the web and mobile device. Inspect whether your future web site is compatible with the previous works done

– Know the actual process involved and previous workflow. You want to make sure that your web designer will finish the task that was set long before he has received a down payment. Research and make sure to know more about the kind of work process done by the designer. Make sure to ask the individual as well to know personally and take note if the explanation given was clear or vague.

– Ask what type of technologies and software will be included in the web service provided. Skill alone is not enough to make something awesome especially in this modern field. It is important that you have an idea on what type of software as well as technologies used while on the process of making the web site. Your vision must coincide with what the designer presents to you in the end.

To know more about web services and a good web designer, visit

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Plumbing Services At Your Fingertips

Home service industry is one of the latest developments these days such as the agreement that happened between HomeAdvisor and Google. The goal of which is to make it easier for the public to have access to a list of professionals and services they offer.

Home services are quiet on demand and there seemed to be no lack of projects for them either but despite that there is no denying that the list is getting longer and more and more companies are competing against each other to be contacted first by clients.

It was only this summer that Google started taking interest in this venture. Finally, three months ago, they were able to release a feature that makes it possible for homeowners to make appointments with service professionals and company with the help of the website. Recently, Google entered into another deal with HomeAdvisor, a platform that caters to all home services and is said to be the largest in the country nowadays when it comes to service professionals.

It was expected that after the agreement between the two, HomeAdvisor will have an increase in consumers reaching up to millions in number. Google, on the other hand, will have more certified professionals lining up in the top search results. According to a representative from HomeAdvisor, Google decided to make the deal because of one particular feature the company has to offer and that is Instant Booking.

It is now possible to book professionals in the healthcare and beauty department through the sidebars that appears after a search result in Google. Google is not the only company that is venturing into this field as there are more companies making ways to connect homeowners to various service professionals such as painters, electricians and plumbers. The industry once developed better is said to be carrying a value of $400 billion up to $800 billion.

One good example is HomeAdvisor’s greatest competition which is Thumbtack. The company risked a venture and has now a company value of worth $1.25 billion. Another big company vying to get in the field is Amazon together with TaskRabbit.

If you are in United Kingdom, there is no need for instant booking, contact Capital Plumbing & Heating for various plumbing and heating needs.

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What To Consider When Buying A Bed

Before you head to the nearest retail bed store, you should decide first if you really need a new bed. Are you experiencing from sleeplessness? Or are you constantly waking up in the morning with muscular pains and headaches? If you are experiencing these stresses, do not automatically blame the bed for it. Environmental as well as your lifestyle are common influences to sleeplessness. Some of the other known disturbers in a restless sleep are noise, excessive heat and stress and late-night drinking. However, if you evaluate yourself and answer several yeses to the questions below then it might be the right time for you to get a new bed.

  • When sleeping in your bed, do you feel the ridges and springs underneath the surface of the mattress?
  • When you move in bed, do you hear crunches and creaks?
  • Do you usually roll unintentionally when in bed?
  • Do you find it embarrassing when people see your bed without covers?
  • Is your bed more than a decade old?
  • Is your bed a hand-me-down?

If you are still not convinced to buy a new bed or you are very much reluctant in giving up your old bed despite all of its foibles, then you should consider how unhygienic it is to have it after sticking with it for more than a decade. Your mattress will soak up everything that is on it every night and even can soak up a kilogram of dead skin each year.


When buying a new and lasting bed, money should not be an issue for you. Always get the top quality bed which you can afford. In the United Kingdom, the average spending for the double divan type of bed is about 447 pounds. This price is far too low. A quality bed with the right spring and furnishing can cost you up to 1,000 pounds but the prices can scale up to as much as 10,000 pounds. If you are not in particular sure on how to choose the bed for you, you can always ask the shop keepers in bed stores Perth or ask the opinion of a friend.

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Wallpaper Is Making A Comeback

Many homeowners are afraid of wallpaper because it reminds them of the flowery stuff from grandma’s days. Another fear is the tendency for wallpapers to make rooms look smaller. Wallpaper is also difficult to hung and remove unless you hire the services of professionals. However, wallpapers are making a comeback and it is breaking free from its traditional locations.

Homeowners are now prepared to put wallpaper in different places throughout the home particularly in living rooms and dens and on the ceiling. The healthy diversity of wallpaper colors, textures and patterns on the market are creating a spatial effect that homeowner’s desire.

The biggest technological innovation that changed the traditional wallpaper is digital printing that allows practically any intricate image or complex pattern and design to be turned out easily and efficiently. Digital printing has allowed wallpaper designers to go into directions that were never possible even with the hand-printed designs. Today, wallpaper manufacturers can produce intricately patterned wallpaper with abstract, floral and butterfly designs.

The ancient craft of hand-blocking which is considered as one of the artistic ways of adding print to textiles is now being used to create an image or pattern or wallpaper. Before printing presses were automated, hand-blocking technique was used to print images and it has not changed much with the passing of time. In hand-blocking, images and patterns were imprinted using paint on the hand-carved blocks and its rough imperfections create a rustic effect. The end result is a unique design that can make a difference in how your walls look.

Another technological breakthrough that made wallpapers popular again is the quality of removable wallpaper. They are more like contact paper that is easier for painters and decorators Southampton to hung and replace. Painting that used to be the most common method of refreshing a room requires special techniques and a large investment. Wallpaper has become a great bang-for-the-buck alternative that achieves a more dramatic change of look.

However, if you are thinking of something that is more daring than the traditional, make sure to hire the services of painters and decorators Southampton to guarantee great results without spending a lot.

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Boost Your Image Through Airport Transfers

If you are interested to know more about airport transfers, corporate transfers and leisure transfers, make time for Link Airport. For corporate travelers, time is gold which means that valuable time should not be wasted waiting for a taxi. With airport transfer, a chauffeur-driven car waits at the airport terminal to whisk you off to your destination. You enjoy a personalized transport service that ensures you arrive safe and on time for your appointment.

There are a number of occasions where you will be ashamed to arrive in your car that has seen better days. For example, if you are going out on a date with a woman of your dreams, you will create a better impression by hiring quality transport. The ability to create a good impression is also critical for businessmen and corporate executives. If you are representing a company will you arrive for an appointment or business meeting in a badly dilapidated car?

Many companies are renting out cars for single day requirements to allow individuals to drive to an important negotiation in an appropriate vehicle. There is also the option of a chauffeur-driven car so that you can continue to work on your computer while on your way to the destination.

London companies are one of the most image-conscious with more than two thirds of the companies saying that they have arrived cars on that complement a business meeting. Men are actually more image-conscious than women with younger men more particular about their vehicle than their older counterparts. With an average spend of about £100; there are high end cars at your disposable. You can have a choice from the wide range of BMW’s, Audi’s and Mercedes Benz’.

More recently companies can pre-book airport transfers for their company guests from London’s Heathrow Airport as well as other locations in the UK. Nissan Leaf has become a popular option in the car hire market because it avoids congestion and emission charges that are associated to hiring cars that run on petroleum. Nissan Leaf is an electric car that glides silently from the airport to your destination. It has about 100 miles of charge until you need to tap it again.

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The Red Flag Limousine At The Tiananmen Square Military Parade

Very few people all over the world can afford to buy a limousine but they can have the chance to ride in one through Limousine Royalty. Even big businesses choose to rent chauffeured luxury sedans for special events and for transporting business partners from the airport to the hotel. Some of the most expensive and luxurious limousines are owned by governments to transport heads of states and politicians. These limousines include high end features like bullet-proof and bomb-proof bodies and windows to protect the occupants for terrorist threats.

Recently, China held a military parade to celebrate their victory in the Second World War. The parade was participated in by 12,000 officers and troops of the People’s Liberation Army. Members of the media observed the parade that marched along Chang’an Avenue by Tiananmen Square. Displayed at the parade were 500 items of weaponry and about 200 aircraft.

One of the highlights of the event from the observations of New York Times includes President Xi Jinping of China greeting the crowd from his Red Flag limousine.  The Red Flag limousine that the China president used to inspect the troops at the Tiananmen Square parade is a symbol of China’s national pride. For decades, the Red Flag limousine has been the car of choice of the Chinese leadership and it has always been used for celebrating national events that include parades and state visits.

China takes pride in the Red Flag because it is made in China and was named after the Communist banner. Red Flag limousines were first seen at a parade in 1959 and is has remained as the symbol of industrialization in the People’s Republic of China.

However, the production of Red Flags stagnated after China introduced some economic reforms. The brand was unable to compete with foreign limousine manufacturers; however, it remained to be used for parades and special events by President Jinping and his predecessors.

In an effort to revive the local car industry, Red Flag was brought back to the commercial market last 2012. The brand is now owned by China FAW Group that produces luxury cars that are worth 6.5 million Yuan (approximately $1 million) for the wealthy Chinese.

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New Code Requirements For Self Storage To Reduce Overall Operating Costs

Climate controlled-units are among the most popular in Good Storage Manchester because the temperature is regulated which prevents damages due to extreme temperature changes and humidity. Climate controlled-units are among the amenities offered by self-storage facilities along with security measures that are very attractive to potential customers.

Changes in the 2012 International Building Code (IBC) and 2012 International Energy Conservation Code have resulted into additional expenses towards the development of new self-storage projects. The two biggest modifications include the need for sprinkler systems in new buildings of a certain size and insulation requirements for the climate-controlled units.

A significant issue revolves around storage of mattresses and upholstered furniture that can be a moderate hazard. In the 2009 IBC, self-storage facilities were not required to include sprinkler systems as long as they meet code requirements and the building’s fire areas were smaller than 12,000 square feet. On large buildings, developers will usually divide it into smaller sections with three-hour firewalls. On the 2012 IBC code, each building that has more than 2,500 square feet must have an automatic sprinkler system.

In the development of self-storage facilities, there are essentially 3 choices:

• Keep the building under 2,500 square feet which may not be feasible for many projects

• Divide the areas into less than 2,500 square feet using three-hour firewalls

• Install an automatic sprinkler system as required

Sprinkler systems require maintenance and inspection which will add to the long term operating costs however, they can help reduce insurance premiums. What developers will likely do is to meet the requirement with firewalls. The added costs of building a 30 or 40-wide self-storage building with firewalls is not an issue but it can become a real problem when there are plans of maximizing the site. Adding the sprinkler systems becomes the better option.

Insulation on the new code is specific to cooled and heated buildings. Structures with temperature control must conform to insulation standards similar to residential homes. One of the requirements for most regions is continuous insulation which means it can’t be stopped and started but must continue through walls and ceilings.

The requirements will cost more during new project development but they actually reduce the overall expense of heating and cooling a building.

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The Figures To Support Business Decisions

In order to better position your business in the future, you need to know how the industry is currently doing. In the world of beauty products and services, it is quite evident that the number of hair salons and other beauty parlors constructed is growing.

A recent report regarding how the hair salons and beauty market is doing. Here is a summary of the report:

– In the next five years, the growth in revenue is expected to improve tremendously and is expected to rise at an annual average of about 3.2 percent to at least $58 billion by the year 2019. The growth is driven by the increase in the per capita of household disposable income and the foreseen decline in the unemployment rate in the next five years. Higher disposable income will also mean that there will be more customers who will be spending more on high end services like pedicure, manicures, hair extension treatments, facials and body massages.

– The industry profit is also expected to register gains which will in turn encourage more businesses to make their debut in the industry. Accordingly, profits have increased from 1.9 percent in 2009 to 5.7 percent last year. The continuous increase in profit can be attributed to the increased sales mainly because of the high-value products which have bigger profit margins compared to the usual products and services. There is also an improvement in the market conditions which also drives the increase of the number of operators in the industry at an annual average of about 5.5 percent. By 2019, it is predicted that there will be at least 1.3 million operators in the industry.

– The steady increase in the number of operators in the industry will also create a positive impact to the economy in that it will improve employment growth. The improving job opportunities in the market will contribute to higher enrollment rates across different cosmetology schools. This trend that has continued for the past few years, combined with the improvement in the number of players in the industry, has driven the employment in beauty salons in a significantly upward scale with an average rate of about 3.8 percent.

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University Home Renovation Costs $950,000, Angers Employees

A number of employees from the University of Akron were angered upon knowing that their president Scott Scarborough had spent $950,000 dollars on home renovation, which also includes all bathroom renovations similar to all points bathrooms services.

Though everyone was in unison in thinking that the president’s home, which is owned by the university, was in dire need of renovations since 1999, what angered employees was the cost and the scope of the renovations.

What was questionable was the $435,000 spent for university employees to work on the home and the thousands of dollars used to purchase appliances and equipments.

John Zipp, professor of sociology in the university, said that it was not contended that the home needed a make over but what they were questioning was how much was needed to be spent for the renovation.

It was Taylor Construction and Stathos Construction that handled renovations, which included electrical, heating, and plumbing for a total of $375,000. Alan Garren Interiors handled furnishings for a price of $141,142.

Rumors had been circulating about the cost of the whole renovation. They escalated when the university announced that 161 employees were to be terminated to make up for a budget deficit amounting to $60 million.

While people see that terminating employees would save more money for the university compared to cutting back costs for the home renovation, Zipp says that he and other employees cannot help but wonder if the money used for renovation had went to other pockets since they did not have a full accounting of the renovation.

The university answered criticisms by saying that private companies and benefactors donated the funds needed for the renovation and that it was a 20-year investment that needed to be kept in standard according to Lawrence Burns, vice president for advancement of the university.

Burns said that part of the money spent, an amount of $167,000, was actually used for university employees who would be tasked to regularly maintain the property and that it was always a part of the internal budget of the university.

The other sources of the budget came from resourcing the budget of other university offices like the Physical Facilities office according to Burns.

Scott Scarborough, the president is required by contract to live in the university home. He has been living in the home with this family and parents for over a year. This renovation marks the first one since 1999 when the university bought it for then president Luis Proenza for an amount of $850,000.

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Shopping Bags Affecting The Food Choices Of Shoppers

Custom shopping bags have been part of the latest trend having advantages for both consumers and sellers. Apart from printing artsy images for the purpose of promotion, the materials from which they are made have always been a popular topic in the scope of the talk on shopping bags, specifically on its impact on the environment.

Shopping bags suggesting what to get from the shelf
Recently, Harvard has shared a quite interesting study on shopping bags which has a slightly different focus: how it affects the choices of a consumer when shopping. According to the study author Uma Karmarkar, while there is truth to canvas bags users leaning towards the decision of consuming environment-friendly organic goods, as such decision is apparently consistent to their support of mother earth by the use of such bags; the same users also tend to feel more virtuous for engaging in such action resulting to some kind of sugary treat as a form of rewarding. Supporting this is a study that reported consumers bringing their very own reusable bags to be 33% more likely to out into their shopping carts unhealthy snacks.

This is the very first study that centers on how the kind of grocery bag affects consumers when it comes to their purchase choices. It was conducted by collecting loyalty cardholder data for exactly 142,938 shopping trips between May 2005 to March 2007 at a major grocery chain situated in California. After which, the authors compared the trips of shoppers when they had their own reusable bags with those trips for which they did not have any. Additionally, as part of the study, there were also participants recruited from a national pool online that were assigned at random either to bring or not to bring their own bags while at a grocery store.

Implication of the study
Bryan Bollinger of Duke University, a co-author of the research study explained that indeed, bringing your own shopping bag could affect your way of shopping. According to him, the study can be beneficial to those who manage their own grocery stores in areas where reusable bags are the more preferred option by including different kinds of organic foods in the shelves as the study has shown that both organic and fatty foods are part of the shopping list of the righteous reusable shopping bag users.

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Fire Marshal Says That Florence Storage Facility Damaged By Fire Is Insured

Storage facilities, no matter if it’s for student storage, self-storage or for business storage Leeds, are important because they provide storage space for a wide number of people who are being plagued by the lack of space in their households or business establishments.

People, as the years go by, accumulate a large number of items. All people want to do is to collect and collect and once they have what they want, they’ll move on to another. When their household cannot accommodate every item they have, they would automatically decide to let go of some of their belongings. Some would have the items they don’t need permanently disposed of, while there are also some items that are too valuable and important to just let go. In the latter’s case, what people would most likely do is to rent out storage spaces for these items so that when the time comes and they are once again needed, they could immediately be taken back into the house.

People who rent storage units entrust the storage facility to take good care of their valuables. They are assured that no harm would ever befall their precious belongings but what they should also know is that there are circumstances wherein damage cannot be prevented.

Fire is definitely one of the most destructive forces in the world and for the storage industry, fire is never good.

Just like in the case of Pacific Pines RV Park and Storage Business, that was recently plagued by an unfortunate fire situation causing damage to numerous items stored in the units.

Although the cause of the fire is yet to be determined, though they believe that it was caused by a 2014 Chevrolet Box van in Unit 11, the fire marshals have informed the public that the fire-damaged storage facility is fortunately insured.
Insurance is always an important aspect especially when you are placing important items in the care of others. When damage is inevitable, you would want to be compensated for the damages done to your properties.

According to Siuslaw Valley Fire and Rescue Marshall, Sean Barrett, the total damage loss is estimated to be at $5 million.

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Limousines Will Be Treated The Same As Uber In Florida

There is bad news for limousines companies, like Bellagio Limousines in Perth, as a new proposal in Florida would have them treated like Uber drivers. Palm Beach County now requires all vehicles for hire companies, except Uber, to undergo fingerprint checks.

An agreement was arrived in the past wherein Uber was allowed to stay in Palm Beach County without the same extensive checks required of taxis and other vehicles for hire. However, that agreement ends in September, which now begs the county to contemplate the future of Uber in Palm Beach.

However, the new proposal suggests that Uber and all transportation companies will do their own background checks. This, however, excludes taxi companies. This will now divide the industry into two groups—the cabs and the non-cabs. The non-cabs will still have standards but the difference is that they will be the ones who will regulate themselves.

Rick Versace of the Florida Limousine Association was stunned, as he couldn’t believe that the county would rollback the requirements they’ve been doing for a very long time. He believes there should only be one standard for any company that drives people around whether you’re a taxi driver, an Uber driver, or a limousine driver. Versace also believes that the fingerprint background check is important in every transportation company to avoid possible convicts and dangerous men from driving around in their vehicles.

If the current proposal is accepted by the Palm Beach County Commission, people who use Uber to contact limos should be wary of themselves since no background checks will be done on the limo drivers. To this point, Versace does not see any sense as to why the county seems to be favoring Uber when other cities like Houston require fingerprint background checks of Uber drivers.

Palm Beach County Administrator, Robert Weisman said that it’s not clear what is happening in those other areas. Uber has even threatened to leave Broward County, which has been harsh on the $50 billion company.

Weisman also says that, even now, they have been having a hard time to make Uber comply with the new terms. They have been asking for information about Uber’s drivers. Yet, the company has not complied with any of the county’s requests.

Versace said if the county moves forward with its plan, he would still do fingerprint background checks as it seems to be what is essential for the safety of his customers.

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